Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Visit to Institches

You know how they say about when the cats away, the mice will play?  Well, this little mouse did some playing today!!!!!I made the trek to my favorite cross stitch store in Alexandria, Va.  It's about 45 minutes from my house, but sooooooo worth the trip.  Even with DC traffic, and the roads constantly under construction.  It's all about timing.  Got to get there after the morning work hour rush, and gotta get back home before the afternoon rush.

My favorite sales lady, Patricia, from Wales, was not working today.  But even though I didn't recognize any of the other sales women, they were both very nice and helpful.  There was maybe one or two customers in there, so I got to take my time and look at everything.

I did spend a great deal of time, looking at the hand dyed threads, and picking out colors for when I get around to doing Moira Blackburn's Season and Time sampler for myself.  Didn't purchase any today, but at least I know what I will need.

I also put my name on the wait list for the Ann Raynor sampler.  They told me they were expecting a shipment sometime in July, so I didn't purchase anything towards that sampler.  Besides, it's excuse to go back and spend more time and money!!!!

But, I did manage to find several charts that were on my "I WANT" list and a few that weren't. So many samplers and so little time! In addition, to the charts, I bought several pieces of fabric, and also the Valdini thread pack for the Rosewood Manor Autumn Quakers.

My husband and son are at college orientation, so this particular stash will be put away, by the time they return.  How do you say "none the wiser?"