Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ann Hill Sampler

Still plodding along on stitching this sampler.  Truth to be told, I took a week off of working on her, as we had a family vacation in the Outer Banks.  I didn't even work on a take along project.  I spend most of the week, sitting by the pool, and reading romance novels.  In fact, I read the 3 books, I had brought with me, and had to make a quick trip to Walmarts to purchase a few more.

I made the conscience decision, not to post about the vacation on any type of public media, as in today's world, you don't know who is paying attention, and you come home to find your house has been broken into, robbed, or even a family of squatters have moved in!   It's a crazy world!

The day we left the OBX, my husband drove to Eastern Shore of Md., and picked up his new fur baby.  Meet General Beauregard of Bull Run.  Beau for short.  Sweet boy, has puppy breath, and is a typical puppy full of energy.  Dixie and Holly accepted him into the house, but what could they do?  They didn't get a vote.  Right now Beau isn't quite a tall as Dixie, so he doesn't yet have the upper hand, but it won't be long, before those wobbly long legs, that seem to go in every direction, will have him towering over him.  Poor Holly being the littlest one, takes the brunt of Beau's attentions.  She is totally unappreciative, as he is not very careful with his size in trying to play with her.  Holly spends a lot of time crawling under furniture, to keep her distance.

I will be honest, that I thought I would go down to one dog, after something happened to Holly and Dixie.  But after bringing a new puppy into the house, I even rescinded that idea.  I just truly don't want to be bothered anymore with the housebreaking, training, chewing stage that all puppies go through.  My husband is totally "into" Beau, including sleeping on the floor with him the first night he brought him home.  Good for him.  I still take over when he has to go someplace for whatever reason.  The other day, I spent the whole day, watching him, meaning I got nothing else done, to make sure he was been fed, walked, taken out.  Don't get me wrong, I love dogs.  But I was glad when the hubby came back from spending a night on the Eastern Shore of Md., so he could resume his daddy duties.

On even better news.  I am officially a member of the grandparent's club.  My son and his girlfriend delivered a beautiful baby boy, Andersen James, born 6/15.  7 lbs, 5 ozs., 20" long.  I celebrate his arrival and look forward to meeting him in person.  They asked us not to come down, as their living arrangements are tight, and they want the time to bond with their baby. Course, we assured them, we'd come running if they wanted/asked us to.

They may come up here for the 4th of July.  I also will be having a friend from Daytona Beach visiting me.  So.....I have been trying to clean my house and get everything ready for company. 
In cleaning my upstairs, I decided it was time to hang my framed samplers.  I hung a group on one day, and located a bunch more that I had forgotten about.  Hubby came up to the landing when he heard the hammering and just started laughing at me.  Hubby is perfectionist when it comes to hanging stuff.  He gets out the level, and measuring tape, and starts doing mental math, to make sure they are all perfectly aligned and evenly space.  Would I like that to happen? Yes!  But he just doesn't have the time, and sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands.  Which I did. 
Not perfect, but they're on the wall!

Well, got to run, as I still have lots of things to do, the list gets longer, and the time gets shorter!  I wish all the Father's out there to have a absolutely, positively wonderful Father's Day.  For all you stitchers!   Happy Stitching!