Friday, May 2, 2014

Downstairs - Take along project

For anyone who reads my blog or follows me, they know I am usually working on several projects at a time.  Mostly So I don't have to constantly pack up a work in project and keep moving it, packing it, unpacking it.  I was not able to go to the Woodlawn Embroidery Show this year, because of the broken foot.  However, two years ago, I picked up a little project there in their gift shop.  It is done by the Posy Collections who design many cross stitch kits for places (i.e. Woodlawn, Mount Vernon), I am sure there are probably other kits out there.  I happened to pick this one up to sew for my daughter.  I love samplers, and this one had such beautiful colors in it.  Not gotten very far on it, but this is probably one that I will take with me on vacation in the Outer Banks in July.

April ORTS

I have an ORTS Jar, which is actually brimming.'s down in the basement.  Since I broke my foot, I had to have the family move my stand to the first floor.  So, I improvised by using a ziplock bag for my ORTS, until such time as I relocate to the basement again.  Someone gave me the idea to put them outside for the birds to help with their nest building.  Talk about recycling!