Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

Well it has been an interesting week.  First a earthquake in the area that registered a 5.8 and now it seems we may see some of the weather from Hurricane Irene.  Been through a hurricane before, even if we lose power I can still cross stitch. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What next?

You know that you are truly addicted, when you start trying to figure out which of the next several projects you want to do next.  Even though you just started one last night.  Do I buy the fabric for this one?  Do I purchase specialty thread or stay with DMC for that one?  And......above all else stay off e-bay so that you aren't tempted to purchase more stash.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ann Hill Sampler Pattern

Recently I was surfing e-bay, and located a pattern for Ann Hill Sampler published by Just CrossStitch.  According to the seller, the pattern was discontinued, and I went ahead an put a bid in on the pattern.  However, I couldn't stick around on the day that the auction ended and had to go ahead and put in my high bid and hope I would win the auction.

Alas, I came home to discover, I hadn't won the auction, much to my disappointment.  About a month later, I was down in the basement, searching through various places, and what did I find?  The Ann Hill Sampler book.  I had evidently purchased it awhile back and completely forgot.  My sister got a big kick out of that.  Her comment, was " must have really liked it enough to try to buy it twice."

Lesson learned.  Carry something around with me with my pending projects names.  Evidently my mind isn't what it used to be. 

Quaker Diamonds - Rosewood Manor

This is my next project.  I have been chomping at the bit to get started.  I bought the 28 ct., Picture This Plus, Cashel, Mello as is called for in the pattern.  I had every notion of beginning on this when we were on vacation in the Outer Banks but realized, I brought the pattern, the fabric, but the Valdani thread for another project.  And....wouldn't you know there isn't anyplace to purchase thread in the Outer Banks.  Given that I was going to have to wait, I decided to use Gentle Arts thread, ordered from Anita Little Stitches, and they were awaiting me when I returned home from vacation.  So.....I finally get to start.  Believe me when I say, that knowing this was the next project, was the only thing that that allowed me to finish the band sampler! 

Latest completed project; band sampler

This is the first band type sampler I worked on.  I actually bought this pattern and another that matches it, at my closest cross stitch store.  Both patterns were in the Clearance basket.  They are mother/daughter samplers.  I think this is the daughter's.  It will be awhile before I work on the other matching one.   Cuz to be quite honest, working in only two colors till the bottom portion is totally boring to me.  I don't know how anyone completes the ones that are only one color. 

Another 2008 sampler

This is another older completed sampler.  Way back in 2008.  I believe it's on Aida 14 count.  Can't tell you more about it, but...I plan to keep better track of the fabric ct., color, and etc. for new projects.

Another Moira Blackburn

This is the next Moira Blackburn Sampler I finished.  And....the largest sampler thus far. 

Moira Blackburn

This is my very first Moira Blackburn sampler.  Absolutely loved working on it and the colors are awesome.

My family"s birth states


Welcome to my blog page.  My name is Pam and I am married with 4 children ranging from 32 to 15.  I decided to start a blog when I viewed what others were working on and decided to start one.  I remember the first time I saw a sampler hanging in someone's apartment and thinking " WOW, I love that!  Some day I am going to do a bunch of them and hang them in my home."  I was in my early 30's and someone showed me how to cross stitch, and I was hooked.  Although I don't always cross stitch samplers, I would say that I just gravitate towards samplers. 

This was the first sampler I ever did and if you look closely, you can see that I got it framed before I finished putting the yellow centers in the flowers on the border.  Of course, I didn't notice until after I had it framed.  Oh well.....