Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mount Vernon - Take along project

I always take a small cross stitch project with me, when I have a long ride in the car, maybe spending time on the boat, have to wait in an office.  Keeps me busy, and I don't realize that time is flying by.  I don't recall how exactly long I have been working on this particular chart, but even though it's not all that large, it took me awhile.  Especially since I only picked it up to work on it, when in the above situations.   But...I was bound and determined to finally complete this little memento of some of my traveling, or places I have visited. I have several more smaller projects that I picked up along the way, one very similar to this one of Woodlawn Plantation, which is where the embroidery exhibit is held each year in this area.  My kids purchased one of the outer banks, and I think I have a chart someplace for the last vacation in Ocean City, Md.  I only have a couple of these completed, and these are the few that I actually frame myself. Nice reminders when I am using my sewing machine, of the places and memories I have from the locations.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rosewood Manor - American Quilt Sampler - Update 11

Well, I took a nap today, which explains why I am still up at 2:20 a.m.  Shouldn't do it, messes with my body clock, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

Michael's was having a sale on their custom framing.  So my husband suggested I pick out a few things to take into be framed.  I took in my last poster print of St. Michaels, Md., which luckily I already had a frame for.  Took in Moira Blackburn's Time and Season Sampler, which is the one I am donating for a charity auction, Rosewood Manor - Spring Quaker, and a set of mother/daughter samplers I had completed quite some time ago.  Supposedly they will be ready in two weeks.  Can't wait.  I forgot that I had so many completed projects.  I now only have two left, and that's one that is completed, and the one I am working on now.

I also received my six unfinished frames which I purchased on the internet.  I managed to get them stained and polyurathaned.  I purchased six prints of sea coral on e-bay which will look wonderful in the new bathroom.  Unfortunately, 3 of the 6 frames came with shattered glass, so I am awaiting replacement glass.  Hopefully they will send them with bubble wrap this time, which they failed to use, on the original shipment.

Progress on Rosewood Manor - American Quilt Sampler.  Three more states completed, as well as some fill in and new letters for the words.  I am trying not to think, what project will be next when this one is completed! least I won't have to go anywhere, as I have quite the stash!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rosewood Manor - American Quilt Sampler - Update 10

The bathroom is almost completely done!  But, everything is in to be completely useable, including the new shower door.  So awesome!  Waiting for some frames to come, for some pictures I purchased.  Still have to complete the Roman Blinds.  All the towel bars are hung, got to get some new towels to match the new color scheme.  But those will be "company towels"  for when we spruce things up when company arrives.  For now we will stick with the burgandy towels.

In deep cleaning the whole second floor, carpets, cleaned blinds, dusted, cleaned windows, wiped down doors and wood works, cleaned bathrooms, I was unable to do a lot of stitching.  I managed only 2 completed states this week, however I did get alot of the fill in work done.  I'm guess, hoping, maybe even delusional, that I will be completely finished with this within the next two weeks.  We shall see!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rosewood Manor - American Quilt Sampler - Update 9

It's amazing that I have managed to complete three states since my last update.  We are still putting the finishing touches on the master bath.  But it is useable!  Working potty, shower, and faucets.  I am happy with that.

Now, I am trying to work my way through the house, and clean up all the construction mess, that has accumulated throughout the house.  No sense in cleaning, if there was an accumulation of more dust everyday.  Instead of spring cleaning, it's winter cleaning, before my family arrives from Florida for the Thanksgiving.