Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 4

Alas, I didn't spend much time stitching this week!  My sister was here and I spent the time enjoying her company and taking her someplace everyday.  

All those eyelid stitches are a real challenge, but I am almost done with that area.  I believe the saying is "and this too will pass!"  But I did get some stitching in today, once all the relatives left.  In between I managed to do 3 loads of dark clothes that had piled up, 2 loads of queen sets of sheets, and 2 loads of towels. Love multitasking!

On my sister's first day here, a trip to In Stitches was a must!  Here is a picture of my sister's stash.

Which does not include fabrics.  Barbara Hutson of Queenstown Samplers was very happy with my sister's choices.

I was very good and only purchased one chart.

After the trip to In Stitches, I took my sister to see the Wegmans grocery store.   They don't have Wegmans in Illinois. We decided if there ever is a zombie Apocolypse we're heading there! 

Another day I took her to Old Town Fredericksburg where we wandered in and out of the shops and especially enjoyed all the Antique stores. We stopped for lunch there at the Capital Ale House and had the best calimara we both have ever had.

Friday morning we wandered through the designer stores at the Potomac Mills.  We spent nada which was probably a good thing. 

In addition, I showed my sister how to get her photos off her camera and onto her computer. Hopefully she'll share her needlework now! I also set her up a google account so she can follow me and comment.  

On Saturday we spent the day on the boat.  Seafood at Tim's Rivershore, then a trip up the Potomac past Mt. Vernon and past the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, to see the Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument in the distance.  

It was a great few days and went by too quickly!

Well that's bout all for now. Happy Stitching.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 3

Stitching has been a challenge this week, since I have lots to do and so little time. 

Every since I found out my sister was coming for a visit, I have tried to knock out cleaning a room each day.  My hubby spent the weekend on the boat which allowed me to vacuum to my heart's content!  The only thing left is the kitchen and the basement steps.

It really is difficult to clean my house, hubby is either dictating or talking to clients.  When my Mom's here, if I'm not sitting with her, she comes looking for me. Then she wants to sit and watch me clean.  Maybe it shouldn't bother me, but I sorta do feel like I'm being supervised.

My son and his girlfriend are arriving on either Thursday or Friday and the only thing left in the room they will be staying in is to turn my mom's snowman's collection faces to the wall, so they don't feel like they're being watched.

I have some activities planned for my sister.  A visit to In Stitches in Alexandria, Va. is a must.  I think I'll run herthrough  Wegmans  since they don't have those in Illinois.  Maybe a trip to old town Fredericksburg which is full of little stores and antique shops.  She's bringing her camera and laptop so I can try to help her get computer literate.

Definitely taking the boat out and will take them to the National Harbor.

So proud of myself.  I rewired 2 lamps that were broken.  All with the aid of YouTube Videos. 

Oh and must share pics of my new charts and a piece of hand dyed 40 ct. Linen I bought from Etsy.

Fat 1/2 for $12.00.  What a bargain! The seller doesn't carry many counts or colors, but you can't beat the price!

Well that's about it for this week. Happy Stitching and I must return to cleaning!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lucy Redd Sampler - Week 2

Haven't gotten to stitch as much as I would have liked this week.  But still making good progress.  I think that's why I like stitching samplers, is because you can make pretty good progress on them.

Once I finish the verse on the right side, and the border, begins the next section of this sampler.  Both border and letters done in Algerian Eye stitches.

Been busy this week cleaning bathrooms. Stripping beds, and remaking them. Doing scads of laundry.  All in anticipation of my sister coming for a visit.

My daughter started her move to Charlottesville, so I got my living room back, from the storage room it was being used for.  It contained queen mattress and box springs, sectional couch plus odds and ends for the apartment. Plus my own furniture. 

My daughter found a place for the picture I made her.

My chairs had seen better days, and realistically were a little too large for this living room.  I ordered 2 new chairs and spent Friday morning putting them together.  I even have the blister to prove it.  But hey look better than what I had, but as any woman can relate, you get new chairs and you need to dome more redecorating.  A couple of pillows, maybe some curtains, some new end tables.  And the list goes on.....

If you are wondering about the stack on the table!  Those are LP's.  Guess it's time to get rid of those too!  But you can see why I might need a bigger table now.  My end table looks like a dwarf.  Thinking about either a pie crust table or a drum table.  Found a place in Baltimore that sells estate furniture and I really will need to make a trip there to check it out.

I got a couple of Christmas packages that I ordered for members of my family.  Mostly stocking stuffers.  And ....I ordered 2 new charts from Hands Across the Sea.  Shouldn't have. But sometimes those impulse buys just make you feel good!  Thankfully I don't have those often!

Well that's all for this week.  Joyful happy stitching.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Lucy Redd Sampler

I am so happy I decided to switch to the 27 ct. Unbleached linen the chart suggested!  More pleased with the results than that of the evenweave I started stitching her on.

Since it's most of this sampler is cross stitch I have been moving along quite well.  I say that now to just forewarn you when I get to the whole section of Algerion eye stitches. Then I will be grumbling and mumbling.

If Lucy has a place in your future, she's a big girl!  Like  27" X 26".  And if you don't like borders than it's probably best you pass on stitching her! There are all sorts of borders! 

I put my mom on a plane this weekend to spend 3 months with my sister in Illinois. I have not had to watch any NCIS or the Hallmark channels. Have been busy stitching away to ID channel, forensic files and the First 48.  Although I did have to empty my own dishwasher today.  Mom usually does it for me.

My sister and her hubby will be visiting for a few days in the later part of July.  My mom will be in Michigan visiting her sister. Already trying to squeeze in plans for her visit.  And.....the house cleaning started today. I cleaned my refrigerator.  Tomorrow have plans for other rooms, as hubby will be in Norfolk for the day. Won't have to worry bout noise.

I also finished a couple other projects.  A baby quilt for my great nephew.

And I finally put the buttons on the picture I made for my daughter's apartment.

Guess that's it for this week.  Happy stitching!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ann Wellington Sampler - Finish

Wow pretty darn proud of myself!  I just put the last stitches in!  Four weeks to a finish.  

Didn't even get tired of this!  But nonetheless, am happy it's done!

I will be starting Lucy Redd next. Especially since I now have the correct fabric for the next three samplers in my rotation. Not exactly sure when I'll start since I do have a few other projects that aren't cross stitch that I really do need to finish!

I got a care package from my sister this week.

Cross stitch charts and supplies.  She's trying to down size her stash too. I have already figured out which ones I want to add to my stash.  The remaining stuff, I'll have to find good homes for.  

I have to share a picture of my youngest. I know when he comes down from up stairs wearing this shirt that he has truly run out of clothes to wear.

I bought both sons one of these shirts and now it's a big joke to each of them to try to pawn their shirt off on the other.  Guess the youngest lucked out this time or he'd be going shirtless.

Things very quiet here.  Hubby in Daytona to see the race.  My daughter is working, my youngest is on the couch in the horizontal position watching soccer. My oldest decided to stay in Norfolk, to avoid the holiday traffic coming and going to our area.  So it's mostly me and my mom watching NCIS reruns. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July.  Until next week happy stitching!