Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lucy Redd Sampler - Week 2

Haven't gotten to stitch as much as I would have liked this week.  But still making good progress.  I think that's why I like stitching samplers, is because you can make pretty good progress on them.

Once I finish the verse on the right side, and the border, begins the next section of this sampler.  Both border and letters done in Algerian Eye stitches.

Been busy this week cleaning bathrooms. Stripping beds, and remaking them. Doing scads of laundry.  All in anticipation of my sister coming for a visit.

My daughter started her move to Charlottesville, so I got my living room back, from the storage room it was being used for.  It contained queen mattress and box springs, sectional couch plus odds and ends for the apartment. Plus my own furniture. 

My daughter found a place for the picture I made her.

My chairs had seen better days, and realistically were a little too large for this living room.  I ordered 2 new chairs and spent Friday morning putting them together.  I even have the blister to prove it.  But hey look better than what I had, but as any woman can relate, you get new chairs and you need to dome more redecorating.  A couple of pillows, maybe some curtains, some new end tables.  And the list goes on.....

If you are wondering about the stack on the table!  Those are LP's.  Guess it's time to get rid of those too!  But you can see why I might need a bigger table now.  My end table looks like a dwarf.  Thinking about either a pie crust table or a drum table.  Found a place in Baltimore that sells estate furniture and I really will need to make a trip there to check it out.

I got a couple of Christmas packages that I ordered for members of my family.  Mostly stocking stuffers.  And ....I ordered 2 new charts from Hands Across the Sea.  Shouldn't have. But sometimes those impulse buys just make you feel good!  Thankfully I don't have those often!

Well that's all for this week.  Joyful happy stitching.


  1. You have made fabulous progress on Lucy this week, Pam.

    1. Thanks! Am finally to the part that is
      all Algerion Eye Stitches. Brought the borders down on both sides. After that section it's all motifs.

  2. Your sampler looks lovely. I do love samplers and have done three or four simple ones to give as marriage or birthday gifts. Love the chairs and you are so accomplished (the lamps on the next post prove that if anyone doubts)!
    A stitcher from Portugal
    Paula Lima

    1. Thank you so much. Although have stitched other things, my first love is samplers. I just bought another today, which I'll share on my next post.