Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 4

Alas, I didn't spend much time stitching this week!  My sister was here and I spent the time enjoying her company and taking her someplace everyday.  

All those eyelid stitches are a real challenge, but I am almost done with that area.  I believe the saying is "and this too will pass!"  But I did get some stitching in today, once all the relatives left.  In between I managed to do 3 loads of dark clothes that had piled up, 2 loads of queen sets of sheets, and 2 loads of towels. Love multitasking!

On my sister's first day here, a trip to In Stitches was a must!  Here is a picture of my sister's stash.

Which does not include fabrics.  Barbara Hutson of Queenstown Samplers was very happy with my sister's choices.

I was very good and only purchased one chart.

After the trip to In Stitches, I took my sister to see the Wegmans grocery store.   They don't have Wegmans in Illinois. We decided if there ever is a zombie Apocolypse we're heading there! 

Another day I took her to Old Town Fredericksburg where we wandered in and out of the shops and especially enjoyed all the Antique stores. We stopped for lunch there at the Capital Ale House and had the best calimara we both have ever had.

Friday morning we wandered through the designer stores at the Potomac Mills.  We spent nada which was probably a good thing. 

In addition, I showed my sister how to get her photos off her camera and onto her computer. Hopefully she'll share her needlework now! I also set her up a google account so she can follow me and comment.  

On Saturday we spent the day on the boat.  Seafood at Tim's Rivershore, then a trip up the Potomac past Mt. Vernon and past the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, to see the Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument in the distance.  

It was a great few days and went by too quickly!

Well that's bout all for now. Happy Stitching.


  1. You were well behaved in your buying but is looks like another wonderful sampler to do. Good buy!
    A stitcher from Portugal
    Paula Lima

    1. I know! Although I did find another sampler that made it to my wish list. Mary Slatter from the Porcupine Collection. At almost $30 for just the chart, think I'll wait a bit for that splurge!

  2. Your eyelet alphabet is moving along even with having company. It sounded like you had a great visit with your sister and had some cool adventures.

    1. I did Robin! Oh if we only had unlimited funds! Between the cross stitch and the antiques we could have bought LOTS!