Monday, July 25, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 3

Stitching has been a challenge this week, since I have lots to do and so little time. 

Every since I found out my sister was coming for a visit, I have tried to knock out cleaning a room each day.  My hubby spent the weekend on the boat which allowed me to vacuum to my heart's content!  The only thing left is the kitchen and the basement steps.

It really is difficult to clean my house, hubby is either dictating or talking to clients.  When my Mom's here, if I'm not sitting with her, she comes looking for me. Then she wants to sit and watch me clean.  Maybe it shouldn't bother me, but I sorta do feel like I'm being supervised.

My son and his girlfriend are arriving on either Thursday or Friday and the only thing left in the room they will be staying in is to turn my mom's snowman's collection faces to the wall, so they don't feel like they're being watched.

I have some activities planned for my sister.  A visit to In Stitches in Alexandria, Va. is a must.  I think I'll run herthrough  Wegmans  since they don't have those in Illinois.  Maybe a trip to old town Fredericksburg which is full of little stores and antique shops.  She's bringing her camera and laptop so I can try to help her get computer literate.

Definitely taking the boat out and will take them to the National Harbor.

So proud of myself.  I rewired 2 lamps that were broken.  All with the aid of YouTube Videos. 

Oh and must share pics of my new charts and a piece of hand dyed 40 ct. Linen I bought from Etsy.

Fat 1/2 for $12.00.  What a bargain! The seller doesn't carry many counts or colors, but you can't beat the price!

Well that's about it for this week. Happy Stitching and I must return to cleaning!


  1. Way to go on re-wiring the lamps! Lovely fabric you purchased! Which Etsy shop did it come from? I think you have made good progress on this portion especially since it isn't straight cross stitch. Enjoy your visit with your sister!

  2. Handdyedfibers - etsy store. I tried not to moan and groan bout this part of the sampler. Tried to be positive and tell myself, you're already through 1/2 of the alphabet.