Monday, April 25, 2016

Skyros Island Schooner Sampler - Week 8

So very excited I put the final stitches in the sails and was able to move my scroll rods.

The hull of the ship is solid stitching too! I'm apologizing in advance for all my griping, groaning, and whining in future posts till this sampler is done!

I'll be lucky if it's completely finished in a month! 

My friend, who I promised this chart to upon completion, may be having second thoughts. She dropped by and I showed her the progress, and she said " omg I didn't realize it was so large!"

I found her a Greek band sampler chart, which I forwarded the link to her.  Maybe something more doable. I did tell her I would still be gifting this chart to her, and what she decided to do with it after that, was up to her.  Toss it, burn it, make those paper animals out of the pages. 

Not much going on this week in the home front. I love having my children home.  Except for the fact that my laundry baskets disappear. I think I have 5 or 6 and am down to one. I texted my my daughter and said "can you please pray tell me where all my laundry baskets are?" Her reply was " I really hate it when you ask me a question you already know the answer to!"

Me thinks I won't be seeing my laundry baskets until she makes her move to Charlottesville.

Next weekend my oldest son and his girlfriend are coming for the weekend. They want to tour DC before the weather gets too hot.  

When I'm not stitching, cleaning, baking, doing laundry. I spend a quite a bit of time surfing "You Tube."  There is quite an array of things posted on it. Everything from DIY projects to Dr. Sandra Lee a/k/a Dr. Pimple Popper.  In addition to the many pet videos like Hope for Paws.  Plus many of Vets who post videos of their contribution of helping sick  and injured animals.  Vet Ranch is a favorite.

On the stranger side are the many neighbor disputes caught on video, or the people that video abandoned homes or the charity project going on in Rural Africa where the are trying to help the people be "jigger" free.

Of course on the lighter side are the Stuart videos from Mad TV, or the young comedian who opines about misspelled tattoes, ot the truly dumb things people post on the Internet. Although the latest prank video of the Zombie Apocolypse was hysterical.

With that I think I'll close for the week.  Till next week happy happy stitching!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Skyros Island Schooner - Week 7

Ola Stitchers!  The fill in of the sails continue!  I have officially completed pages 5 and 8!  Pages 6 & 7 are still works in progress.

Pages 6 & 7 close up.

I get so excited when I am able to move my scroll rods. Which I will probably be able to do by the end of the week.  But I know under these colorful sails, is the hull of the schooner.  Which is more fill in! 

I estimate this project will be finished by the middle of May.   Thank God!

Yesterday I made the decision to bake some more quick bread. Strawberry.  

I think my mom will like them.  Especially since I found out she doesn't like blueberries. Although I will tell you the strawberry bread would put someone in a sugar coma!  These loaves are super sweet.

Did you know you can hull and take leaves off of strawberries using a drinking straw?  I showed my mom how to do it. But when I looked when I turned around from mixing the batter, she was still using a paring knife. Guess the straw was too new age for her.

Last week we were able to pick up the wine crates for the coffee table.  I thought this would be a great project that the daughter and I could do together.

However the husband has said, he wants to do it.  Bad, bad, bad idea! Don't get me wrong, he's very handy.  But he's the worst procrastinator in the hemisphere. I'm still looking at the boxed bathroom vanity for our basement bathroom. Uninstalled.  My two table lamps, that stopped working.  Bought the parts to repair them, and they sit disassembled in our garage. Not to dismiss the random things that require a run to either the dump or Goodwill.  I prefer to live my live my life by the motto "be like Nike, and just do it!"

Not to say my hubby isn't a wonderful person and doesn't have wonderful intentions. He just hasn't come to the realization he can't do it all. I think it has something to do with he doesn't really like anyone to use his tools and many power gadgets.

I'd probably feel the same way about the use of my serger or seeing machine.  Except no one else sews in the house. Plus, I took shop in high school and being single for 10 years between marriages so I learned how to do things for myself!

Ok enough venting.  Daughter's graduation announcements came in, so I have to get addresses together for her.  It's coming up fast. Think I'll just let her borrow my phone since most of the addresses are there.

Well that's all for this week!  Happy stitching!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Skyros Island Schooner Sampler - Week 6

The fill in continues on this sampler.  

Still on pages 5-8.  Please note the sailor next to the green and red flag! I have already ripped him out once. Rest itched him, and realized that he's still not in the correct spot. Frustrated I have "stuck a pin in it" to rework at another time.  So frustrating, but they do say the third time is the charm.

I noticed while stitching this, that all the sailors only have one eye.  My warped sense of humor says, the ship was manned by a bunch of cyclops.

Many of the stitchers that are stitching this in the SAL, are adding specialty stitches. Cudo to them!  Since this is for my youngest son, adding anything to it other than the way it's charted, he wouldn't even notice.

Plus I just want it done so I can move on to something I want to stitch.

Some some beautiful samplers by Essamplaire over the weekend.  I have never stitched anything by this company. But my sister has. When visiting the site, only some of the samplers can you purchase chart only. All others are available in kit form of either silk, or DMC only. Kits always make me nervous that I'm not going to have enough threads.

My sister said the kit she purchased had hunks of DMC, and the chart only had DMC color names, and did not show the actual DMC number. Perhaps that has changed? 

My sister says that's why she likes to stitch Scarlet Letter kits, because enclosed are whole skeins of DMC to stitch the project.  Even with her comments I am tempted to put at least one of the samplers on my wish list.

We are still on the hunt for furnishings for my daughter's apartment in Charlottesville. My hubby is going to look at bar stools today.  I called in a favor with one of my gal friends to see if her hubby can get us 4 wine crates to make her a coffee table.  It's only economically feasible if you don't have to pay for the crates, otherwise you're better shopping Craig's list or thrift stores.

I think we are also going to attempt to make her a padded headboard since she doesn't want a footboard.  When you're 5'9" you need all the room you can get!

Our house looks like a hoarder home, yet again with all the extra furniture.  Just think, we'll do it again in 2 years when the youngest graduates from college!

My kids don't know how good they have it, especially when I reminisce about my first apartment. I had to have a bucket in the living room every time it rained.  I had a dining room table, but no chairs, because I couldn't afford the chairs.  I had no bedroom furniture other than the bed.  My end tables were from going out of business, unfinished furniture auction.  Dressers were those cardboard box drawers you can buy.  My son's room was all furniture purchased at the unfinished furniture auction that I finished myself.  But there are days I look back and remember some of my happiest memories. And I take pride in the fact I was beholding to no one.  I didn't have everything I wanted but I had what I needed.

BTW, I finally managed to purchase 6 chairs for my dining table. First 4 chairs, were in a buy one get one free deal, which I finished.  Later I purchased 2 captain's chairs. I still have everything.  We use it in the basement for puzzles.

Well that's bout all for this week!  Happiest of stitching!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Skyros Island Schooner - Week 5

Really slow going on this particular project.  Just lots of fill in which always takes so much time.

Right now I'm on pages 5-8.  Skipping around as I get bored with the fill in on one page or area.  I had to haul out my Panco needle holder thingee. Which allows me to pre-thread needles of the various DMC colors. Instead of unthreading and rethreading the same needle.  Thankfully I have a good amount of needles on hand.

Even though this piece is supposedly a sampler, it reminds me of the HAED pieces, since it's so solidly stitched. Lot more open spaces on samplers.  Not my favorite piece I've stitched so far, and I will be sooooo glad at it's completion so I can move on to something else.

In older posts, I think I have mentioned that my sister, is a stitcher too.  I taught her how to stitch, but she surpassed me in stitching skills a looooong time ago. 

However, my sister is "technologically challenged" when it comes to taking pictures of her projects, sharing her projects via, messaging, FB posts, or even email.  

Recently, one of the FB stitching pages I belong to, did a weekend homage to Barbara Hutson, who is the owner/designer of Queenstown Samplers. My sister had just completed one of Barbara's beautiful samplers.  Elizabeth Mears.  When I mentioned this, Barbara asked for a picture.  

My sister had her husband take a picture and send it to me via email to share on FB.  Here is her beauty!

I ordered another chart!  Shame on me!  But after seeing this being stitched on FB I just couldn't resist!  It's Gigi R's "Big Cat Sampler."  I ordered it from Marty at Stitch and Frog, and it was quickly sent to me! 

This is the picture from the chart, which does not accurately depict what a beauty this sampler really is.  BTW, if you haven't ordered from Stitch and Frog, I highly recommend you add her site to your favorites and try it out.  Charts, supplies are usually discounted sometimes up to 40% off plus shipping is reasonable, and they're fast!

Busy month, yesterday was my baby boy's 20th birthday.  We are in the shopping mode again for furnishings for my daughter's very own first apartment.  Yesterday, it was a queen mattress and box spring which we found a great deal on.  Plus she found a sectional couch on Craig's list for $350.  

Glad I didn't have to help with that purchase, as it was in a 12th floor apartment, furthest away from the elevator.  Luckily almost all the kitchen stuff is hers from her apartment at college, and she almost fully stocked in the bathroom department.  

Hard to believe she's graduating from college.  She brought home her cap and gown this week.  Yesterday I shortened the gown for her.  In July she starts setting up her apartment in Charlottesville, Va., then in August she begins full time employment at U. of Va. Medical Center.  Sort of bittersweet! Sorry to see her go, but it's time for this birdie to spread her wings.  Luckily it's less than 2 hours from us. 

Well that's about all the updates this week.  Happy Stitching to one and all!