Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Skyros Island Schooner - Week 5

Really slow going on this particular project.  Just lots of fill in which always takes so much time.

Right now I'm on pages 5-8.  Skipping around as I get bored with the fill in on one page or area.  I had to haul out my Panco needle holder thingee. Which allows me to pre-thread needles of the various DMC colors. Instead of unthreading and rethreading the same needle.  Thankfully I have a good amount of needles on hand.

Even though this piece is supposedly a sampler, it reminds me of the HAED pieces, since it's so solidly stitched. Lot more open spaces on samplers.  Not my favorite piece I've stitched so far, and I will be sooooo glad at it's completion so I can move on to something else.

In older posts, I think I have mentioned that my sister, is a stitcher too.  I taught her how to stitch, but she surpassed me in stitching skills a looooong time ago. 

However, my sister is "technologically challenged" when it comes to taking pictures of her projects, sharing her projects via, messaging, FB posts, or even email.  

Recently, one of the FB stitching pages I belong to, did a weekend homage to Barbara Hutson, who is the owner/designer of Queenstown Samplers. My sister had just completed one of Barbara's beautiful samplers.  Elizabeth Mears.  When I mentioned this, Barbara asked for a picture.  

My sister had her husband take a picture and send it to me via email to share on FB.  Here is her beauty!

I ordered another chart!  Shame on me!  But after seeing this being stitched on FB I just couldn't resist!  It's Gigi R's "Big Cat Sampler."  I ordered it from Marty at Stitch and Frog, and it was quickly sent to me! 

This is the picture from the chart, which does not accurately depict what a beauty this sampler really is.  BTW, if you haven't ordered from Stitch and Frog, I highly recommend you add her site to your favorites and try it out.  Charts, supplies are usually discounted sometimes up to 40% off plus shipping is reasonable, and they're fast!

Busy month, yesterday was my baby boy's 20th birthday.  We are in the shopping mode again for furnishings for my daughter's very own first apartment.  Yesterday, it was a queen mattress and box spring which we found a great deal on.  Plus she found a sectional couch on Craig's list for $350.  

Glad I didn't have to help with that purchase, as it was in a 12th floor apartment, furthest away from the elevator.  Luckily almost all the kitchen stuff is hers from her apartment at college, and she almost fully stocked in the bathroom department.  

Hard to believe she's graduating from college.  She brought home her cap and gown this week.  Yesterday I shortened the gown for her.  In July she starts setting up her apartment in Charlottesville, Va., then in August she begins full time employment at U. of Va. Medical Center.  Sort of bittersweet! Sorry to see her go, but it's time for this birdie to spread her wings.  Luckily it's less than 2 hours from us. 

Well that's about all the updates this week.  Happy Stitching to one and all!


  1. Pam, I think you are making good progress with all the fill in areas on this sampler. Thank you for sharing a picture of the sampler your sister stitched. It is stunning. Best wishes to your daughter's upcoming graduation. I hope she enjoys living in the Charlottesville area. Enjoy your weekend!