Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lucy Redd - Finish

Wherever you live, you probably can hear my whoop, whoop!  Doing the happy dance.  I always feel that way when I finish.

Lucy is big one!  Measuring 23 1/2" wide and 21" high.  

What is next you ask? Jane Woodward Sampler!  
 My second to last sampler in the 1980's.  After that, it's Loara Standish.  Then I get to jump into the 1990's where there are 5 charts.  

I can't believe how many charts I have rehomed via sales, plus how many ones that I actually finished and are still listed on my spreadsheet.

Another thing to do is update the spreadsheet since I need to add a few purchases. I have 2 more charts yet to arrive.  Dunvegan Sampler, which I had and now can't locate and Mexican Sampler by Queenstown. Both splurges from buy/sell group.

Wouldn't you know that Hands Across the Sea has put out another beauty of a sampler?! They need to have some pity on us stitchers and allow us time to stitch the last one they put out.  But they couldn't go by my method because it's definitely going to take me several years to get to the 2010's.

Praying daily my eyesight lasts that long.  Plus I have some other projects that I need to finish.  On top of that, my husband decided yesterday he wants to install the new vanity in my mother's bathroom. 

Which means I have to paint!  Plus ordering light fixtures, and towel bars and a new shower curtain and a new cover for the light for the exhaust fan.  And remove all the tile floor boards so they can be replaced with wood ones. 

Somewhere in there I have to work in another haircut for Dixie, and a bath for both of them, cuz they smell like stinky dogs.  Plus both the girls could use a nail trimming.  

So much to do and so little time!  To think September is right around the corner.

Well time is ticking away as I opine about all the stuff I have to do, which isn't getting done.

So with that I'll end!  Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 7

Little late in my posting this week. It one of those times when I procrastinated on Sunday, procrastinated on Monday, again on Tuesday, and here we are.

This is the very bottom right side of the chart.  So I'm definitely on the final stages.  Not thinking I'll be finished by this week either.

I been busy selling my stash and those given to me by my sister on the many buy/ sell FB groups.  It's a lot of work!

Doing research on the charts of what they originally sold for.  Taking pictures of each chart.  Putting descriptions on each chart.  Getting in touch with buyers, sending them invoices, packaging and mailing stuff.  

Deleting posts once they are sold. Moving left over charts from one FB group to another. (Cross selling is usually prohibited- which means have the same chart listed in 2 different groups.) I have had to print out the rules for each FB page group, so that I'm following the rules of creating the album.

Plus remembering to transfer money from PayPal back to my checking account for the cost of postage.  Thankfully I had many years of working at banks!  Helps keep me organized. 

But I'm almost done with all of it, and my stash consists of things I really want to stitch.  Well, that is until I see something else that I just must have!  There is a definite bonus of having the PayPal balance for those "can't live without purchases!"

There is a wonderful feeling of letting things go, and rehoming the charts to someone else to enjoy the stitching and challenge and the final product hanging on the wall.

I'm really thinking of trying to chart out my version of a "Stitcher's Prayer."  I have some ideas about it, now it's just finding the perfect alphabet.  Another project that may have to take a back burner until then. 

Well that's all for now!  Happy Stitching!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 6

I was hoping I would be a bit further along in Lucy!  And perhaps I would have been if ......

I didn't discover that the chart had 2 "X's" for 2 different DMC colors.

 Supposedly one bold and one not.  Believe me there are only a couple of spots that I can tell the "X's" are bold.  I have now have started referring the the picture on the chart.  Which isn't all that great!

So a lot of my time I have spent this week doing this! 

Froggin - ripping it out and restitching in the correct color.  Almost completely done with that, when I also realized that somewhere you were supposed to do some Rice Stitch.  Oh crap!  Where?  

Oh ya, one whole line I stitched in Algerian Eye Stitches was supposed to be in Rice Stitch.  Having a mental debate with myself whether to rip it out and do it correctly or just leave it.  Decisions, decisions!  And we get mad with the men in our lives that refuse to read or ask for directions!

I bought another chart this week!  I am weak!  It sort of defeats the purpose of getting rid of my stash and then turning and buying another chart!  But I just couldn't help myself!

 It's so pretty stitched.  Blairgowrie Sampler by "With My Needle"

I did also purchase my table.  However in transporting it, I cracked a leg on it.  Absolutely sick about it!  But hubby says it can be fixed. Problem is if it takes him as long to fix the table as it took him to rewire the lamps, I won't be using the table anytime soon!  Wish he'd just let me call someone!

Before I cracked the leg.  Drum table Circa.1950's.

I am in the hunt for a sampler that was only offered in a SAL.  Someone I know stitched it and said I could 
buy the chart but she has not gotten back to me. Maybe she is having second doubts?  I contacted the designer through her blog and website and asked "if" and "when" it would be released for sale to the public. Haven't heard a response from designer either. 

Well it's officially!  My daughter made her final move to Charlottesville.  She took her "devil dog" with her! I will be soon doing a deep clean of her bedroom, which is probably the cleanest I've seen it since she came home from school.  Plus a deep clean of the shared bathroom.

Unfortunately our upstairs air conditioning unit is on its last legs.  So we have been turning it off during the day so that it doesn't freeze it.  But it gets really hot up there, really fast!  Not best conditions to work up a sweat cleaning!

It's a hot one in Northern Va.  So all you stitchers out there stay cool and hydrated.  I'm returning to the basement! Till next week happy stitching!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 5

Oh lucky me!  Earlier this week I put the very last Algerion Eye Stitch in this sampler.

And with that I was able to move the scroll rods up and start working on the borders and the wonderful motifs plus another verse which runs across the bottom of this very large sampler. 

 Far left side, has a large vase of flowers. Been a bit challenging as the print on the chart is quite small.  So I made a copy and have been pink high-lightening the random stems as I stitch.  Seems to be working as everything is lining up.

My husband is always bugging me about down sizing so I pulled all my charts that I already stitched and charts that I'll never stitch. I ended up listing on several FB pages that are set up for buy/sell.  I have done fairly well.  Almost all charts have sold.  In fact I referred a few of the purchasers to my blog (hoping to get a few more readers) and one of the stitchers asked to purchase 2 charts she liked from my blog.  Works for me!

I made enough $ to purchase Myrtle & Rose by Tempting Tangles and the fiber pack which were all on sale on Stitch and Frog. Plus I still have over $70 left in my PayPal account.  

I also have to share one of my experiences on the whole FB group sales thing.  I had 3 charts that were State Souvenir charts that weren't moving in the FB group I had originally posted.  Mostly because the original site is more samplers, country and primitives.  So I joined another site and had belonged to it less than 24 hours.  I listed the charts in an album and immediately one of the administrators calls me out publicly, no pm, for my album not being in their format. I just thought they were the groups were set up the same way.  Meanwhile I start getting comments about the charts and an offer to purchase 2 of the 3 charts. I go back into the album and make an attempt of a good faith edit of the album in the format they want.  Of course some of the comments are "I'm looking for this state or that state!"  None of which I have.  I try to be a helpful stitcher and I refer the ladies to a site that carries the charts.  Apparently this is not allowed, same administrator deletes the link post and tells the ladies that one of the other administrators will start carrying those charts and they are to contact her.  I let the administrator know I think I have corrected the format and her response is she doesn't see that.  By then I'm frustrated, I have sold the 2 charts under the nose of the administrator while she's giving me crap about the format.  I get the buyers info and request to leave the group.  Seriously don't need a stitching police in my life and especially one that must spend a great deal of time looking at each post and comment. And especially in less than 24 hours!

Meanwhile I have been in the hunt for a pie crust table, drum table or tilt top table for my living room.  I think I finally found one in Fredericksburg and will take a road trip on Tues. to take a look. Let you know how it works out.

Well that's all for this week.  Back to Lucy and readers have a wonderful stitching week.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 4

Alas, I didn't spend much time stitching this week!  My sister was here and I spent the time enjoying her company and taking her someplace everyday.  

All those eyelid stitches are a real challenge, but I am almost done with that area.  I believe the saying is "and this too will pass!"  But I did get some stitching in today, once all the relatives left.  In between I managed to do 3 loads of dark clothes that had piled up, 2 loads of queen sets of sheets, and 2 loads of towels. Love multitasking!

On my sister's first day here, a trip to In Stitches was a must!  Here is a picture of my sister's stash.

Which does not include fabrics.  Barbara Hutson of Queenstown Samplers was very happy with my sister's choices.

I was very good and only purchased one chart.

After the trip to In Stitches, I took my sister to see the Wegmans grocery store.   They don't have Wegmans in Illinois. We decided if there ever is a zombie Apocolypse we're heading there! 

Another day I took her to Old Town Fredericksburg where we wandered in and out of the shops and especially enjoyed all the Antique stores. We stopped for lunch there at the Capital Ale House and had the best calimara we both have ever had.

Friday morning we wandered through the designer stores at the Potomac Mills.  We spent nada which was probably a good thing. 

In addition, I showed my sister how to get her photos off her camera and onto her computer. Hopefully she'll share her needlework now! I also set her up a google account so she can follow me and comment.  

On Saturday we spent the day on the boat.  Seafood at Tim's Rivershore, then a trip up the Potomac past Mt. Vernon and past the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, to see the Capitol Building, Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument in the distance.  

It was a great few days and went by too quickly!

Well that's bout all for now. Happy Stitching.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Lucy Redd - Week 3

Stitching has been a challenge this week, since I have lots to do and so little time. 

Every since I found out my sister was coming for a visit, I have tried to knock out cleaning a room each day.  My hubby spent the weekend on the boat which allowed me to vacuum to my heart's content!  The only thing left is the kitchen and the basement steps.

It really is difficult to clean my house, hubby is either dictating or talking to clients.  When my Mom's here, if I'm not sitting with her, she comes looking for me. Then she wants to sit and watch me clean.  Maybe it shouldn't bother me, but I sorta do feel like I'm being supervised.

My son and his girlfriend are arriving on either Thursday or Friday and the only thing left in the room they will be staying in is to turn my mom's snowman's collection faces to the wall, so they don't feel like they're being watched.

I have some activities planned for my sister.  A visit to In Stitches in Alexandria, Va. is a must.  I think I'll run herthrough  Wegmans  since they don't have those in Illinois.  Maybe a trip to old town Fredericksburg which is full of little stores and antique shops.  She's bringing her camera and laptop so I can try to help her get computer literate.

Definitely taking the boat out and will take them to the National Harbor.

So proud of myself.  I rewired 2 lamps that were broken.  All with the aid of YouTube Videos. 

Oh and must share pics of my new charts and a piece of hand dyed 40 ct. Linen I bought from Etsy.

Fat 1/2 for $12.00.  What a bargain! The seller doesn't carry many counts or colors, but you can't beat the price!

Well that's about it for this week. Happy Stitching and I must return to cleaning!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lucy Redd Sampler - Week 2

Haven't gotten to stitch as much as I would have liked this week.  But still making good progress.  I think that's why I like stitching samplers, is because you can make pretty good progress on them.

Once I finish the verse on the right side, and the border, begins the next section of this sampler.  Both border and letters done in Algerian Eye stitches.

Been busy this week cleaning bathrooms. Stripping beds, and remaking them. Doing scads of laundry.  All in anticipation of my sister coming for a visit.

My daughter started her move to Charlottesville, so I got my living room back, from the storage room it was being used for.  It contained queen mattress and box springs, sectional couch plus odds and ends for the apartment. Plus my own furniture. 

My daughter found a place for the picture I made her.

My chairs had seen better days, and realistically were a little too large for this living room.  I ordered 2 new chairs and spent Friday morning putting them together.  I even have the blister to prove it.  But hey look better than what I had, but as any woman can relate, you get new chairs and you need to dome more redecorating.  A couple of pillows, maybe some curtains, some new end tables.  And the list goes on.....

If you are wondering about the stack on the table!  Those are LP's.  Guess it's time to get rid of those too!  But you can see why I might need a bigger table now.  My end table looks like a dwarf.  Thinking about either a pie crust table or a drum table.  Found a place in Baltimore that sells estate furniture and I really will need to make a trip there to check it out.

I got a couple of Christmas packages that I ordered for members of my family.  Mostly stocking stuffers.  And ....I ordered 2 new charts from Hands Across the Sea.  Shouldn't have. But sometimes those impulse buys just make you feel good!  Thankfully I don't have those often!

Well that's all for this week.  Joyful happy stitching.