Monday, January 16, 2017

Ann Rayner - 1839

Another update on the lovely Ann.  I could have posted last night and for some reason, just got side-tracked. 

Was so happy to have the second 1/3rd finished, so that I could move my scroll rods up.  Always makes me feel like I'm making huge progress, if I get to move the scroll rods.

Soon, I will be working on the whole farm, sheep scene at the bottom of the chart.  The thing that really drew me to this chart, when I saw it displayed at the Woodlawn Embroidery Show, many years ago.

I did a bit of going back on my blog, and discovered I only purchased Ann in 2014.  As a final reprint from Threads through Times before she closed her door to cross stitch charts.  So....very lucky considering this chart has been around since 1990.

Today, I had to ask for a refund from European Reproductions, for a kit, my husband ordered for me for Christmas.  Sadly, it has never arrived.  So....asked Paypal for a refund, and will now have to reorder, from Sabine, and hope I have better luck on the second order.

Speaking of ordering, over Christmas, I ordered what I thought to be 2 of those bathroom scrubber things they show on TV.  One for the rest of the bathrooms, and one for exclusive use by my mother for her bathroom.  I haven't a clue, how it happened, or exactly what I did wrong, but somehow I ended up with FIVE of these things.  After talking to customer service, they said, I could send them back.  Big FAT lie.  Only if I was willing to pay the $45.00 to mail them back. kids all get a bathroom scrubber, whether they want one, need one.

I got to see my daughter this weekend.  She surprised us by showing up late Friday nite, with her idiot dog Dopey.  Not his actual name, but what I call him, since he's got as many brain cells as a potato.  He's a nuisance.  Chews on everything, and if he can't chew on it, then he urinates on it! 
So, you can imagine that I spent some of my day, mopping the kitchen floor.  I'm sure my two dogs are all so glad to see him leave.  He's sort of a bully to them, with my dogs being both older and smaller.  And.....the house is quieter, since Dopey is also a howler!

On the agenda this week, is more stitching, and I get to see Phil Vasser in Alexandria, Va.  Tickets my hubby bought me for my birthday.  Other than that, it's gonna be a quiet week!  So...until next week - Happy Stitching!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ann Rayner - 1839

Little late on posting (yet again!).  No good excuse this week.  Have been stitching my little heart out on Ann.  I really just love the colors!  At this point, I'm about a 2/3rds done.

I was able to help out another stitcher this week, as she really wanted this chart.  I was able to locate a copy at In Stitches.  I try to do this, as much as possible.  Just like when all the people were looking for the Mon Ami Pierre  Renouveau chart.  I just happened to go to In Stitches and realized they had 3 copies of the chart.  I was able to go back through my FB post and find 3 stitches that were specifically looking for this chart. 

Perhaps that makes up for the flack, that some stitchers,  feel if you have the audacity to sell your used charts, or charts that you never stitched, and were never going to stitch.  Then you were doing something really bad.  Some of the quotes were "piracy, stealing, etc." Believe me, for a long time I didn't sell my charts.  Just held onto them.  But....there comes a time, when you have quite a bit of money sitting there.  Where, if you divested yourself of these charts, you could actually buy a few newer charts, or fabrics, or threads. 

Making sure first, by checking with my husband, the patent attorney, to ensure I wasn't doing anything wrong.  I got quite the education on copyright law, and First Point of Sale Law.  I'm glad for several reasons!  I know that I am not doing anything illegal, and maybe, just maybe I help educate some other stitchers, that the Copyright police are not going to come to your door and drag you away, should you decide to sell a few charts.  Plus, what really makes me get rid of my used stash, is the women that I remember, who became cross stitch hoarders, and then passed away, leaving their families to sort through and deal with all the stuff.  In fact, my sister just sent me a whole box of Cross Stitch back issue magazines, that I can dispose of how I feel fit.  Definitely will try to sell those, and what isn't sold, will go in the recycle bin, so I can save a tree or two!
Am still waiting for one of my Christmas presents from European Reproductions.  My husband ordered a kit for me, and according to Sabine, it was mailed on 12/15.  So far, it's a no show.  I anxiously await the mail each day in hopes that it will have arrived.  But...if it's anything like the chart I mailed to someone in August and didn't show up until December, I may have a long wait!

All the decorations are down, and stored away for another year.  It went by so quickly.  I haven't a clue when the next time I will see one, or all my children.  They are grown and have their own lives and are just busy.  I do get a text once in awhile from one or all of them.  Lets me know they are thinking of me. 

Bout all for this week, Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ann Rayner - 1809

A very late Merry Christmas, and pretty much on time Happy New Year!

As, soon as Loara was off my scroll rods, I was already pulling the threads, prepping the fabric and getting everything ready for my first official start of 2017.

Ann Rayner - 1839, Threads Through Time, on 32 ct. Light Exampler and using DMC.  I fell in love with Ann when I saw her at the Woodlawn Embroidery Show! 

I have managed to get some stitching in between all the Christmas activities, and Holiday Meal prepping!.  Lots of wrapping.  No wonder, I haven't been able to squeeze much time to even update my blog.

I had a wonderful Christmas, with my kids.  My daughter wasn't able to be with us, due to her job as a shock/trauma nurse.  She was low man on the totem pole, and therefore had to work throughout Christmas.  My hubbie, being the great dad, brought her presents down to her on Christmas Day, and brought her food.  However, we did manage to surprise our daughter with something she wasn't expecting for Christmas.  A cork holder.  Looked at them in stores, and they were smaller and kind of pricey.  So we bought a shadow box from Michaels, drilled a hole in the top, and I ordered the motto from someone on Etsy.  Now I will admit, that we may have messed up the first one, as when my husband drilled a hole in the box, it broke the glass.  But., 2nd time was a charm, and it took over an hour to peel off the motto off the backing paper, due to the fine font.  But we were all happy with the results!

Did I get any more cross stitch for Christmas?  Of course!  My husband ordered a new chart from European Reproductions, which sadly has not arrived yet.  But it's okay, since I have plenty to stitch!
Along with a gift card from In Stitches, and.....a gift card for Michaels.  I'm a happy camper.

This week, I will start taking the candle lights out of the windows, and taking the ornaments off the tree, and it will all be over for another 11 months. 

I hope every one has a wonderful, joyous New Year, filled with plenty of love, laughter, friends and family, and of course - stitching!  Until next, week Happy Stitching.

Loara Standish Finish

Very Happy to report that I was able to finish, Loara Standish before the end of 2016.

Close up of the last several bands, and a final finish picture.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Loara Standish - Week 9

IAfter stitching, ripping out, re-stitching, ripping out again, and finally restitching, I completed the right side of Band 20.  All because I was one linen thread off.

But, alas I finally finished, and was able to move ahead to Band 21. 

Band 22 was also an easy stitch and not shown in this picture, Band 23 is underway, and will be pictured in my next update.

I think, I have finally finished my Christmas shopping.  Things are beginning to arrive in boxes of all sizes.  This week, I plan to start opening them, to figure out what's inside, so than I can start wrapping.

I also got my packages mailed up, I thought without a glitch, until my niece in Georgia, let me know, that the postal worker put the wrong stickers on the boxes, so.....she received the box that was supposed to go to my sister in Illinois, and my sister got my niece's package that was supposed to go to Georgia.  EGAD, what's Christmas without a little added stress and drama!?  Oh, and here is another post office story for this week.  Back in August of this year, I sold a chart to a lady that lives in Indiana.  Sort of before, I know how the whole PayPal thing worked, and realized that PayPal for a flat fee will include tracking.  Of course the package never arrived, and I ended up refunding the lady her money.  Yesterday, she contacted through Messenger, to let me know that the package I sent to her in August, arrived yesterday. Yup, it took 4 months to be sent from Va. and arrive in Indiana. She said there was at least 6 different scan labels issued to post office, stacked on top of each other.

We have decided to not go all out this year and decorate out the ying-yang!  It's just my mom, hubby and I, here and it's sorta "like what's the point?"  My daughter won't be here for Christmas, because she is low man on the pole, and will be working on Christmas.  Both my sons will be here, but they both only stay for a couple of days and return to their homes and lives.  So in the long run, less work to do on the back end of tearing it down, and apart!

Brought my kids up to be independent, and self sufficient, and now that they are, guess it's sorta lonely sometimes.  Thankfully I have cross stitch to fill up a lot of extra time, and a house that still requires cleaning. 

My mom brought some of her decorations with her, when she moved from Florida.  I try to incorporate them with ours, so this place feels like her home too.  One of the things she brought was a small lighted wreath, that my father purchased for her when he was still alive.  (guess that goes without saying, as it would be difficult for him to purchase anything if he has passed!)  This year the lights, finally gave up the ghost.  I then had to dismantle the wreath, (a few years ago, I added some ribbon and a bow to it, and some other stuff, cuz it just looked boring!) Ripped out the old lights, and reinserted new lights, that I guess where also my mother's that she had purchased at some point, just in case the lights went out on the wreath.  Once the new lights were on, I had to reconstruct the decorations. turned out pretty well!

Finally put on the icicles on the tree this morning.  I decided not to put beads on the tree this year.  Once again, they are sort of pain to get right and one less thing to pull off the tree when Christmas is officially over!  But even with out the beads, I think our tree looks fabulous.

By the way, I found out that the Blogger application on phones and IPads, no longer works, and the creators are not going to issue another version, or update the one we all have.  Something to do with it being incompatible with OS systems.  Nice they let us know!!!!! No wonder so many people changing to other blogging sites.  I found out the best way for me to still use it, is to use my lap top to post my musings, then save the entry, and then I can open it on my phone, and add pictures to it, but you just can't really type anything using the phone or it will crash!

Well, that's all for this week!  Until next week, happy productive stitching!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Loara Standish - Week 8

I'm not really sure where last week.  It just flew right by.  Guess this time of year seems to go that way.  It's Thanksgiving, and there's a mad rush to get the house decorated, Christmas shopping done, packages wrapped, packages mailed and WHAM it's the New Year!

I am truly hoping to finish Loara by the end of the year, but some of these bands have been really slow going.  Slow going, in that they are wide, and there's a lot of detailed stitching for each band.
I managed to finish the left side of Band 20.  Meaning it will take me approximately the same stitching time for the right side. 

There are 24 bands in all, and after Band 20, there is still one more band that is between 4"-6". But definitely keeping my fingers crossed, that by the time 2017 is here, I will be moving in to the 1990's part of my stash.

I broke down and bought another chart this week.  Mary Slater.  I just couldn't resist.  Found it on e-bay listed as used, but the pictures showed, that it wasn't used, since the paper faces were still in tact.  I have been eyeing this chart for awhile, but the rerelease price, was higher than I wanted to invest at this time in my wonderful, addicting habit.

I also managed, to get Christmas lists, from my kids when they were here at Thanksgiving.  My husband has actually ordered a few things for the kids already, and upon hearing, what the others were buying for each, other, what is left is just a few things on each list.  Plan to do most of that on-line.  Then there is the necessary trip, to my credit union to purchase gift cards for the extended family members, who all live out of town.  Get them in the Mail.

We also got our tree and put it up and got the lights on to our satisfaction.  No ornaments yet, but I will work those into my schedule next week, along with two doctor appointments for my mom.

Until next week, happy stitching.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Loara Standish - Weeks 6 & 7

Readers, I have been particularly bad at posting to my blog.  I kept telling myself, tomorrow,
I'm sure you can relate.

I managed to finish several bands, which I will post pictures of.  I am currently stuck on band 17!

Bands 15 & 16

Left side of Band 17

Right side of Band 17 still under construction.

Lots of details to it.  It will probably be at two weeks before I'll be able to move on to Band 18.

We are heading into Thanksgiving.  My oldest son, and his girlfriend will be here for a few days.
My youngest son, will be here, Wednesday and Thursday, and head back to Harrisonberg, for work.
My daughter arrives Thanksgiving, and I think, she'll be here for a few days as well. 

We always get our Christmas tree the same weekend.'ll be a busy time from here on out till Christmas,

I try not to politicize on my blog, because it's a stitching blog.  But, I have to say, I am so happy the election is over.  I hope that sides will be able to be respectful and cut out the name calling and come together, to work on what needs to be done. Probably a pipe dream.  As for the rioters, I am personally praying for snow!!!! Lots  of snow.

All for now, Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.  Happy Stitching