Sunday, December 4, 2016

Loara Standish - Week 8

I'm not really sure where last week.  It just flew right by.  Guess this time of year seems to go that way.  It's Thanksgiving, and there's a mad rush to get the house decorated, Christmas shopping done, packages wrapped, packages mailed and WHAM it's the New Year!

I am truly hoping to finish Loara by the end of the year, but some of these bands have been really slow going.  Slow going, in that they are wide, and there's a lot of detailed stitching for each band.
I managed to finish the left side of Band 20.  Meaning it will take me approximately the same stitching time for the right side. 

There are 24 bands in all, and after Band 20, there is still one more band that is between 4"-6". But definitely keeping my fingers crossed, that by the time 2017 is here, I will be moving in to the 1990's part of my stash.

I broke down and bought another chart this week.  Mary Slater.  I just couldn't resist.  Found it on e-bay listed as used, but the pictures showed, that it wasn't used, since the paper faces were still in tact.  I have been eyeing this chart for awhile, but the rerelease price, was higher than I wanted to invest at this time in my wonderful, addicting habit.

I also managed, to get Christmas lists, from my kids when they were here at Thanksgiving.  My husband has actually ordered a few things for the kids already, and upon hearing, what the others were buying for each, other, what is left is just a few things on each list.  Plan to do most of that on-line.  Then there is the necessary trip, to my credit union to purchase gift cards for the extended family members, who all live out of town.  Get them in the Mail.

We also got our tree and put it up and got the lights on to our satisfaction.  No ornaments yet, but I will work those into my schedule next week, along with two doctor appointments for my mom.

Until next week, happy stitching.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Loara Standish - Weeks 6 & 7

Readers, I have been particularly bad at posting to my blog.  I kept telling myself, tomorrow,
I'm sure you can relate.

I managed to finish several bands, which I will post pictures of.  I am currently stuck on band 17!

Bands 15 & 16

Left side of Band 17

Right side of Band 17 still under construction.

Lots of details to it.  It will probably be at two weeks before I'll be able to move on to Band 18.

We are heading into Thanksgiving.  My oldest son, and his girlfriend will be here for a few days.
My youngest son, will be here, Wednesday and Thursday, and head back to Harrisonberg, for work.
My daughter arrives Thanksgiving, and I think, she'll be here for a few days as well. 

We always get our Christmas tree the same weekend.'ll be a busy time from here on out till Christmas,

I try not to politicize on my blog, because it's a stitching blog.  But, I have to say, I am so happy the election is over.  I hope that sides will be able to be respectful and cut out the name calling and come together, to work on what needs to be done. Probably a pipe dream.  As for the rioters, I am personally praying for snow!!!! Lots  of snow.

All for now, Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.  Happy Stitching  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Loara Standish - Week 5

Band 14 was finally completed late last night, which is why my post is a few days later then usual.  

A rocky start to this band, where I had to rip out and restitch because of either my stitcher error or direction error, of where this band was to start.

This band is a full 7 1/2".  Which perhaps is another reason, why it took me longer.  I have two very short bands, but band 17 is another very long, very detail band.  But...still gets me closer to the end, which is band 24.

Things have been so quiet this week.  Today, I went out and voted.  My civic duty!  Took my mom with me.  She voted too.   I guess our county didn't want to take the risk of problems with all those touch screen voting machines, and everyone had to fill out a paper ballot which then was scanned into a machine.  Small line when we got there, but I don't think the whole process took more than 25 minutes total. 

Tonight, it will be all over for another 4 years.  I'm particularly pleased as this voting cycle has been filled with apprehension, consternation, and frustration.  I have been praying for our country, and pray that whoever, this country decides to elect, that they can bring the country together, and get on with the business of supporting our country and the people that they represent.

With that I will end....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Loara Standish - Week 4

I really didn't think I would be able to finish another 3 bands of  Loara within a week.  But miraculously I somehow managed.  I am showing a picture of bands 11-13, and also a better shot of the most recent completed bands, and how they look with the bands above them.

On Sunday, I started on band 14 which is a particularly wide band.  On Monday, I spent the whole day ripping out everything I stitched, due to being off.  UGG!  But, I'm back on track now.

Things are very quiet here.  We had some trick or treaters last night.  It was great to see the little ones. A show that our subdivision is renewing with new families, probably due to the recent completion of a brand new high school in the district our subdivision is situated in.  For many years, even as my kids were completing the local school systems, I could see the bus stop, situated in front of our home, having less kids each year.  Now the primary bus stop is filling up again.

Last week, while my husband was in Tampa, I ventured into his office and hung up all his diplomas and certificates.  They had been leaning up against a wall since he started working out of the house.  Granted, they hanging job wasn't perfect, if he had done it.  He gets out a tape measurement, and a level, and does all sorts of math to hang even a single picture.  I am just terrible at the math part, and end up hanging them by "eye"   Which also, means I have to have the spackle handy, for the mistake holes!  

I am happy to add, that I now have everything I need to start stitching my 1990 charts!
My next sampler after Loara will be Ann Rayner Sampler with a copyright date of 1990.  No more sharing of other 1990 charts on the horizon!

Well, that's it for this week.  Happy Stitching!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Loara Standish - Week 3

I was able to complete bands 8-10 this week. 

I have to admit that band is 11 is kicking me in the nether regions!  It has been quite the challenge!
But, I have started my trek on this sampler, and by hook or by crook, I will finish it.  Even if the only band I finish this week is band 11.

This sampler is so much prettier in reality.  The pictures of it show up as very muted, but although not bright like some of the samplers I have stitched, I would qualify this one as being elegant.

I pulled out all of the 1990's charts to double check I have everything.  The only thing needed was a piece of raw linen, of course in a count I didn't have.  But it has been ordered, and I'm not in a big hurry to get it.

I love being able to go into my stash, and pulling a project to stitch, and I have everything I need to just start stitching. 

Nothing much else going on here.  I did finally find a chair cover for my chair.  It's quilted and just ties on.  Plus it wasn't all that expensive.  Thank to Wayfair, yet again.  I just wanted something to protect the chair, since it's sort of a pale grey micro suede.    Prior to this, I just had towel on it, and it was always shifting around.  

Well, that's all for this week!  Happy stitching!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Loara Standish - Week Two

Very happy with my progress this week!  I managed to complete bands 5 - 7. 

I was happy to find out, there are only 20 some bands in this sampler, instead of 40 bands like I originally thought.  Not promising I can always complete more than a single band a week, but in anticipating how long it will take me to stitch this, 5 months is way better than 10 months!  Especially since this is my very last sampler with a copyright date within the 1980's.  I am very looking forward to moving into the 1990's copyright date samplers.  I have some real goodies!

Nothing much going on here.  I decided to go get a haircut.  My hair had grown out a lot since my last haircut.  I showed the stylist this picture of the haircut I wanted.

This is the haircut I got!  Thankfully, it will grow out, but it's definitely a lot shorter, than I would have liked.

So...with that, I'll sign off, till next week.  Happy stitching all.  Must return to my Loara!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Loara Standish - Week 1

I managed to stitch 4 bands of Loara Standish.  It has been quite the challenge.  The chart isn't the easiest to follow.  Plus, I hate kits.  I made a mistake, which wasn't recoverable, and had to rip out an entire line of blue stitching.  I am so hoping, I will have sufficient thread to finish the sampler.  Especially, since no thread #'s are supplied on the chart.

I finally got around to giving Dixie, the bath and cut, she so needed and deserved.  I did my best to take a decent picture of her, with her "do", but once again, she's not very cooperative.  She wouldn't hold still long enough.

The basement bathroom update is finished.  By the hair of our chinny-chin-chin.  I think we put the final touches on it Friday, with my mom's return on Saturday.  She likes it, and it definitely is an improvement, from the contractor paint, and fixtures from before.

I really don't have much else this week.  So.....with that note, I wish you all Happy Stitching!