Sunday, January 27, 2013

1864 EF Sampler - Antique Sampler Magazine

Well while awaiting for news from Needle Arts Connections, for the 1795 Cochrane Sampler, I figured I would move on to a second project.  I picked this one, because it looks really interesting, has alot of colors.  This pattern is from the Antique Sampler Magazine- Summer 2011.  I am using 36 count vintage sand dune linen from Lakeside Linens, and am using DMC thread. 

1795 Cochrane Sampler - Needle Art Connections

Working away on this sampler, and it has gone rather quickly, because it's a band sampler.  But....I ran into a problem, when I got down to the bigger letters in the sampler.  I have looked over the directions numerous times, and there is no indication of what colors are to be used for the big letters.  Unfortunately, the picture on the front of the pattern is from a distance, so it's difficult to tell what colors were used.  Also, it appears that the colors in the picture are different that what the pattern tells you to use.  Totally frustrated!  Especially since I searched the web, and it appears that I might be the only person who is even doing this sampler.  There is not ONE picture of the completed sampler, other than the blurry far away one on the front of the pattern.   I have written to Needle Art Connections, through both their website, and an e-mail address in the pattern, but so far no response.

Gotta tell you, when I was working on Alphabet Blocks and I had a question,  I wrote to them, they responded immediately.  So putting this project up, until I hear from them.  If I don't get a response, there is also a phone number so, I will have to try that.

Further update.  I tried calling the number on the pattern.  It just rang, and rang, and rang.  No anwsering machine picked up, and it appears from the website, that it may be a fax number anyways.  I finally broke down today, and actually wrote a letter, and will use snail mail to see if I can get any help.  If that doesn't work, I am going to have to bite the bullet and be creative, and finish the sampler with what I think the colors should be.  This is as far as I have gotten.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Cochrane Sampler 1795

Today, I am going to start on the Cochrane Sampler 1795.  I bought this pattern, and the Chochrane Sampler 1828, in the clearance bin, at my favorite cross stitch store.  These are a mother and daughter that did samplers using the same layout, and colors.  The daughter, did add some additional work on the bottom of her sampler.  I finished the daughter's sampler quite some time ago, however, I did not want to get it framed, until I had completed the mother's sampler.  I wanted to make sure that I take them both to get framed at the same time, so that they frames will be simpler in size, and color.

The Pattern is Past Pleasures/Cochrane Sampler 1795, distributed by NeedleArt Connections.  The fabric  is 25 ct. Dublin Linen, Raw Linen color, by Zweigart.  It uses DMC thread.  Only 5 colors in the whole chart.  Hopefully I will finish soon!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I finished Quaker Addict, last night.  The last four inches of the bottom right corner, were quite the challange.  Here are the details of this piece.  I did it on Weeks Dye Works, 30 ct. linen, and the color is called Charlotte's Web.  This picture makes doesn not reflect the true color of the line.  I am so proud of myself.  I finished this piece in less than a month.

Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Downstairs Project - Quaker Addict

This is my new downstairs project.  I started on this right after the first of the year.  It is called Quaker Addict.  The pattern is done by the same company that published as I referred to it "the lady on the swing."  I can tell you the pattern is written in French.     I used 30 Ct. linen, in a mauve/pinkish color.  I also used the gentle arts threads.  I am down to the last little corner.  Which is probably a good thing, as my plans for tomorrow is to go to "IN STITCHES" in Alexandria to purchase fabric for some of my projects.  Last week, we went to a cross stitch store in Haymarket, the name was Needle in the Haymarket.  I was lucky enough to purchase 2 patterns, which were marked 60% off, which totaled around $9.  What a bargain.  Speaking of bargains, we have a used book store in Manassas, called McKays.  I go in there occasionally as you never are quite sure what you will find.  I found another Rosewood Manor pattern called American Flag Quilt Sampler.  Originally it was $8.50 for the pattern at "In Stitches,"  I got it for $1.62.  WHOPPEE

Downstairs Project - The Grateful Heart Band Sampler

Another one of the samplers I ended up finishing in 2012.  Just before the end of the year.  This was a really fun one, as it used different stitches than I had used before.   Another that will go in the pile for framing.  I believe this makes #4.

Upstairs project - Rosewood Manor - Spring Quakers

I managed to finish my Spring Quakers sampler.  It is really pretty.  Can't wait to get it framed.

I finally finished my Williamsburg, Va. sampler.  I have previously referred as my take along project.  This project was small enough to put in a small tote and take with me, if I had some spare time.  I did a little poetic license, as I added Williamsburg and Virginia at the top.  Plus added the year and my initials at the bottom.  This was a kit, I bought while in Williamsburg.  It had the fabric, needle, and thread.  It is on Aida 14, and uses DMC thread.  I actually made a mistake, and the insides of the letters were supposed to be grey, and I used the gold instead.  Luckily, I was able to match the gold with my existing DMC stash, or I would have been up a creek.  I also decided that I was not going to have this professionally framed.  I have several souvenir cross stitch patterns from various vacation sites.  I ended up going to JoAnn's and found this frame,  and framed it myself.  Doesn't look so bad.