Friday, September 28, 2012

Lady in the Swing

This is not the real name of this sampler, but....everyone who knows me that knows that I worked on this sampler, knows which one I mean when I tell them it's the lady with the swing.   Somewhere in my earlier posts I have the correct name, but right now I am too lazy to go look for it.  It is completed.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Down stairs project - The Grateful Heart Sampler

As you can see, I haven't worked on this as much lately.  Guess, I just haven't had that much laundry to do. far I have enjoyed working on this, because of love using the Gentle Arts threads for their colors.  In addition, this sampler has different stitches other than the "X" in it, and I have enjoyed trying to figure out how to do those, and putting them to use.

New upstairs project - Rose Manor - Spring Quakers

First of all, I have to admit, that until I actually started this project the only reason I thought it was called Spring Quakers was because it uses a hand dyed green fabric, and I figured the threads were spring colors.  Little did I notice, that the reason it is called Spring Quakers is because it has the names of flowers all over it.   DUH!  Still okay, because I bought the pattern because it visually called to me in the first place no matter what was on it.   I did use the Valdini thread as suggested in the pattern.   It's expensive $40.00 for the 12 colors.  But absolutely love working with it.  You cut it off the spool and use it.  No separating the threads, with the exception of the flower names in back stitch. 

Take Along Project - Williamsburg Sampler

Thought I'd post the latest picture of the Williamsburg Sampler.  It is coming along.  The only time I work on this, is basically when I am waiting, or riding in the car.  Course not while driving, although if I could figure out how to drive and cross stitch at the same time, I would be all over that!  Talk about multi-tasking.

Family Tree

Yesterday, I received the call from Michael's that my Family Tree was ready for pick-up.  So, I hot footed it over to Michael's to get it.  It's great to finish a project, but even better when you finally can get it framed.  Even with all the discounts offered, it is still so expensive.  But it doesn't really stop me from getting them framed.  Just stretch it out by doing one a month, with whatever company is running the best deal.  Although it just seems to happen, that there is a particular Michael's employee who I almost always seem to get when I go in to have my cross stitch framed.  I told her that I should be able to get some sort of super duper special preferred customer discount for all the work I bring in to have framed.  Most are not small items.   She just laughed.  Course I guess she hears that alot from other customers in there as well.