Thursday, September 27, 2012

Family Tree

Yesterday, I received the call from Michael's that my Family Tree was ready for pick-up.  So, I hot footed it over to Michael's to get it.  It's great to finish a project, but even better when you finally can get it framed.  Even with all the discounts offered, it is still so expensive.  But it doesn't really stop me from getting them framed.  Just stretch it out by doing one a month, with whatever company is running the best deal.  Although it just seems to happen, that there is a particular Michael's employee who I almost always seem to get when I go in to have my cross stitch framed.  I told her that I should be able to get some sort of super duper special preferred customer discount for all the work I bring in to have framed.  Most are not small items.   She just laughed.  Course I guess she hears that alot from other customers in there as well.

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