Monday, June 29, 2015

Isabella Gray - 1838 -week 3

Am making progress on Isabella!  She's so pretty!  The greens, the pinks, the corals!  Ok there's other colors in there too but some of them just jump out at you.

 I have been skipping around on stitching the large letters and also the motifs. Hopefully I won't leave any out.  But I do need to finish out the remainder of the big letters (done in satin stitch) just so I can move my scroll rods.

The most recent Attic Needleworks newsletter finally came out.  My picture of my Rhoda Hastings sampler is featured on page 30. 

I have been doing a lot of waiting and this I have managed to add a few stitches to Ann Pegg 1877.  I tried to take it with me when we took the boat out on Sun.  As long as we were on the Occoquan no problem.  Once we hit the Potomac, forget it. 

I finally got the couage and intestinal fortitude to haul out my brand new Brother 1034-D out of the box and use it.
Setting it up, easy!  Threading it?  Not so much.  The illustrations were horrible!  Thank God for You Tube.  There was a lady that posted a very helpful video which help me get my machine up and running. 

    This was practice. Now I'll be able to finish all my linen edges with my serger.

Wow guess I'll have to start planning on what's next.  Until next week- happy stitching!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Take along project

The week in the Outer Banks went flying right by.  Always makes me feel sad as the good Lord is the only one who truly knows when my three kids will be in the same place at the same time.  The trip back to Manassas was horrendous! A trip that took us 4 1/3 hours to get there, took us 7 hours to get back.  Traffic on 64, 295 and 95 would try the patience of Job.

But we made it safe and sound. But since I drove both ways, I was exhausted.  Slept like a rock Sun. night and took a nap on Mon. Feeling much more "with it" today!

While in the Outer Banks my take along project was Ann Pegg 1877 by The Scarlett House. I'm stitching Ann in 36 ct. Vintage Maritime White by Lakeside Linens.  The chart calls for Gentle Arts Threads which I'm using but does have a conversion for DMC.

While I worked on Ann almost every night I find that when I use a smaller linen count it takes me longer to stitch. 

Meanwhile the lovely Isabella was awaiting my return.  While doing laundry from our trip I managed to stitch on her a bit so she doesn't feel totally left out.  If you are wondering about the large gap in letters, it's because the second row is done on satin stitches.  Trying to figure out the best way to make them look really good.  Sort of wished I had used an even weave as linen with its variation in the threads isn't always conducive to smooth satin stitches. 

While on vacation we had our mail held.  I had some wonderful goodies awaiting me upon my return! I ordered a couple DVD's (Center Stage & Band of Brothers).  Being a child of the 50's I so enjoy a good western or war picture. 

I also received some fabric 40 ct. piece for Mexican Schoolgirl practice sampler. And a chart for a Tin Topper by Samplers and Such (Rebecca Dorrie design). All eBay purchases.

When I was packing supples for our vacation I was looking around for something that could hold extra needles, tweezers, needle threader and scissors.  Whala the larger Altoid can is just the perfect size!

Evidently I was behind in figuring this out! Seems Rebecca has a whole series of tin topper charts.  Plus Piinterest has instructions how to finish them.  I'm kicking myself now for all the tins I tossed when empty.

Here is some of the designs for tin toppers.

If you like this idea charts can be purchased as noted below. I was just lucky to find the one I wanted on eBay.

There are lots of designs still available - right now the models are all down at Needleworker's Delight in Colonia, NJ - this is one of 2 frames of my tin models she has.

Guess that's it for this post.  Happy stitching!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Isabella Gray 1838 -week 2

A little late in posting to my blog this week.  It's because I spent 4 1/2 hours in the car making the trek from Manassas to Southern Shores, NC on Sunday.  By Sunday evening I was exhausted and in bed before 11 pm.  

On top of that, the home we rent for the week is awesome.  Has a pool, 2 blocks from the beach.  Close to shopping.  But cell phone service and Internet is not the greatest.  Although cell coverage has improved slightly from last year since they erected a cell phone tower within view of the house.  But it's the weirdest cell phone tower I've ever seen.  Looks like a humongous flag pole.  

Back to Isabella.  Not quite sure what pages in the chart I'm in, since I left her home in Manassas.  She's getting a vacation too.  I did manage to finish all the small letters, and have started on the large.  First row of large letters is all Algerion Eye stitches. The second row of large letters are Satin stitches.  Nice when you get to mix it up a bit. This is a. Picture of where I left off.

This is a picture earlier in the week before I was able to move my scroll rods a bit.

During this week I managed to make a trip to In Stitches in Alexandria, Va.  Was waited on by the lively Patricia Eaton. Of course I couldn't leave empty handed.

In the meantime I have been working on  Ann Pegg by Scarlet House.  Using 36 ct. Lakeside Linen 36 ct. Vintage Maritime White.  Gentle Arts threads.

Sorry for the shadow but the lighting is bad too.  Thankful for my travel Ott light.

I was pleased to be contacted by someone who works for Attic Needleworks in Mesa, Az, requesting permission to use my picture of Rhoda Hastings  sampler in one of their upcoming newsletters.  Attic Needleworks has such a renewed interest in the Rhoda Hastings sampler, that they contacted Rebecca Dorrie and requested she print more copies.  Ms. Dorrie is reproducing 18 additional charts as she only has enough of the needlepoint yarn for 18 more charts. 

Whew this has been a long entry!  When I'm not stitching I will be here with my iPod and a romance novel.  No need to worry bout sharks here!

Until next week Happy Stitching! 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Isabella Gray 1838 - week one

Rhoda Hastings was barely finished when I broke down my floor stand to start another project.

Had to change out lots of parts and pieces to go back to a smaller project since Rhoda was such a large piece.

Here is Isabella Gray 1838 by Samplers Revisited. I'm stitching her on light Exampler linen in 32 ct.  Using DMC threads.

The chart calls for cross stitch, Algerion eye stitches and some satin stitching.  You can tell it's a Scottish Sampler from the style and layout.  Isabella was 10 when she stitched this.  The colors are awesome and I have enjoyed working on her.  Takes me a bit longer when I'm working on a smaller count linen.

I also think I picked out the next 2 or 3 samplers I will be tackling when this one is complete. Trying to stitch charts that I've had in my stash for awhile.

Little hint that someone might find useful.
I keep a note on my note application in my phone titled DMC. If I'm running low on a particular thread color I under it my phone so the next time I'm out and near a store that carries the thread I can pick up some more.

We also keep a white board on our fridge to write down stuff for things we need from the grocery store.  I take a picture of it before I leave the house and can refer to it when I get to the store so I don't forget anything.  Then delete the photo once I've shopped.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rhoda Hastings 1863 complete!

WhooHoooo!  Just put the final stitches in Rhoda Hastings 1863. Chart by Samplers and Such, Designer Rebecca Dorrie. Sewn on 28 ct. lambswool linen, using DMC