Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EF 1864 Sampler

Today, was a much better day!  Alot more stitching and alot less ripping!

Cross Stitch Poem


I’m completely addicted, to this I confess,
The ironing needs doing
and the house is a mess
The windows need cleaning
but what do I care
as I sit here and stitch
in my cosy armchair?
In a world of my own
I could cross stitch all day,
and that’s what I’d do
if I had my own way.
But I’ve got to get cracking
I’ve a dinner to cook
(for a husband who sits there
just reading a book).
There are pictures I’ve done,
all over the walls.
A few minutes to spare
and my cross stitching calls.
An obsession some say
and maybe they’re right
‘cos I could easily sit here
cross stitching all night!
by Janet Boor, Penzance

Monday, February 18, 2013

EF 1864 Sampler

No pictures to post on the progress I made on my sampler today.  It was one of those "one step forward and two steps back" day.  I spent a lot of time sewing, realizing I was off count, ripping out my stitches, and then having to restitch.  I guess it's time to put it up for the day and realize tomorrow is a new day, and try again!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

EF 1864 Sampler - Antique Sampler Magazine

Well, now that I have my blog site, all tweaked, I added another picture of the progress I have made on this sampler.  Even between, computer work, there is always time to cross stitch!  Luckily, I can multi-task, by also doing several loads of laundry.  Plus.....Encore has some of the old mini-series "on demand"  I have been watching episodes of The Thornbirds, which is among several of my favorite books.  In addition, I noted, that they also have North and South.  I also read this whole series one summer.  Although the series are dated, the story lines are still awesome.

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Look for Blog

I finally completed totally updating my blog today.  I changed the appearance, I added links to my favorite web sites.  I am super happy with it.  If you have a chance, take a look, tell me what you think! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Background/Template

Updating the look on my blog has been on my list of things to do.  I put it off, as I was a bit apprehensive, whether I could figure out on my own, and especially to get it to work.  Although it is still a work in progress, I am quite happy with what I have so far.  A bit of tweeking, here and there, I would like to add a few links to my favorite sites.  And....not sure what else.  One of these days, I will have more than one reader.  Yes, it says, two, but I accidently added myself own bad self, accidently as a follower.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tutsal - Orts

Here is my current collection.  This is only from the EF 1864 sampler. 

1864 E. F. Sampler - Antique Sampler Magazine

I decided to post some additional pictures of my progress on this sampler.  The colors are wonderful.  Probably one of the most colorful samplers I have worked on to this date.  I couldn't wait to complete the leaves across the top line.  When I started working on this today, I had two more to complete, which I finally went back and did.  Now I get to move my material up.  I haven't heard from the other designer yet, on my questions regarding the pattern.  I am hoping, I will get a response.  But...until then, that project is in limbo.