Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cross Stitch Poem


I’m completely addicted, to this I confess,
The ironing needs doing
and the house is a mess
The windows need cleaning
but what do I care
as I sit here and stitch
in my cosy armchair?
In a world of my own
I could cross stitch all day,
and that’s what I’d do
if I had my own way.
But I’ve got to get cracking
I’ve a dinner to cook
(for a husband who sits there
just reading a book).
There are pictures I’ve done,
all over the walls.
A few minutes to spare
and my cross stitching calls.
An obsession some say
and maybe they’re right
‘cos I could easily sit here
cross stitching all night!
by Janet Boor, Penzance

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