Friday, September 26, 2014

Amish Life - Visiting the Neighbors - Week 4

I'm rounding the bend, I'm heading for the home front!  Well, maybe it's just my wishful thinking, but I'm seriously hoping by next week, I will have completed this one portion  of the three part series, and I can move on to something else!  Like the true cross stitch addict that I am, I already know what I'm doing next!  Sorry no hints!

If you don't like to back stitch or do french knots, this is definitely not the chart to put on your list. Even though I have been outlining as I go, it's ALOT!

I bought more stash this week.  Bad, bad girl!!!!But I couldn't resist.  One of the ladies in the stitching group that passed away, the other ladies are helping her husband liquidate her stash.  And she had some stash!  Talk about stitcher's heaven!  Charts, fabrics, threads.  I ended up buying some fabric on my first visit, and on my second visit, Sampler Threads.  For 1.50 a skein, I just couldn't help myself!!!  Thankfully, I am organized enough that I have my threads list on my I-phone, so I only picked out ones, that I didn't have.  Don't know if I will ever even use them, but they are so pretty, I may just frame them!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Amish Life - Visiting the Neighbors - Week 3

Earlier in the week, I was bemoaning the fact, that I felt like I had made little progress.  However, in a comparison to last week's picture, I'm definitely plugging along.  Especially since, landscapes are not my favorite thing to work on!

I also had the pleasure of attending a cross stitch sewing group that meets in my area.  Lucky for me, someone who lives in my area, noted that we don't live far from each other, and issued me an invitation.  The meet every Tues. night at the Wegman's Grocery Store.  For those, who don't have Wegman's in your area, you have no idea of what you are missing.  It's phenomenal!!!  Back to the stitching group.  I dragged my friend, and partner in crime with me, who is also a fellow cross stitcher.  The ladies were welcoming, funny and all working on interesting projects.  I may not return every week, but return I will!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Amish Life-Visiting The Neighbors-Week Two

Greetings from Northern Virginia, where it's currently pouring!!!  I don't mind, because my hubbie won't insist on going to the boat, which means stitching time for me!!!!!

It's been a busy week, while I attempt to deep clean my youngest's bedroom (which he says he cleaned before he left for college), and the Jack and Jill bathroom that he and his sister share.  I even had to paint a wall, ya, it was that bad.  But now that I have had some time to get in there, I have decided that since the husband won't let me redo the whole bathroom, maybe I can update it a bit by switching out the light fixtures, and faucets, and the knobs on the cabinet.  Considering we will have to downside eventually, it's probably cheaper and a lot less work just to do some switch outs.

On another note, I made a trek to IN STITCHES, in Alexandria, Va. this week.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ladies and the store.  In Stitches, celebrated their 19th year of business, and rewarded their customers with 19% off pretty much everything in store.  I didn't even bother to look at charts, couldn't/wouldn't/didn't want to be tempted.  Headed straight for the fabric desk, although there was a small detour, to stock up on some hand dyed threads.  My hubby told me I could spend $200.00.  My total, with 7 pieces of linen, came to $200.91.  I bought the thread out of my own fun fund!  I won't have to make a trek there for awhile.  Well, at least until the Ann Rayner chart arrives!

Meanwhile, between the usual, of laundry, cleaning, letting the dogs in, letting the dogs out, feeding the dogs, feeding the cat, I still managed to do some stitching.  Must say, it's coming along!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 1 - Amish Life - Visiting the Neighbors

Darn Cat!!!!! I was well into composing my current post, and he wanted to be friendly, and I haven't a clue what happened to what I had already composed.  It just disappeared!

I have tried to make a commitment to myself that I would be a lot better at posting to my blog!  I had gotten really lackadaisical over the summer.  But the purpose of starting this blog was to keep a diary of my cross stitch and the progress I do from week to week, and if I'm not posting, well sort of defeats the purpose I started my blog.

This is a week's work on my current WIP.  Coming along quite nicely considering I'm not a big landscape sewer.  But....I have to be really carefully to stay on track, because pretty much all of the linen is covered with stitches.

In addition, I joined several FB sampler groups and have become waaaay too tempted by the beautiful samplers I see, and I just have to have the chart.   Like I don't have so much stuff in my stash!

This week, I received  C. A. 1945 from European Reproductions Samplers in Germany.  Plus I receive Charlotte Clayton from someplace in Canada.  And....I bought all the issues of Fine Lines on an ebay auction, just so I could have Hannah Pepper.  Now, if I could just lay my hands on Ann Rayner, life would be perfect!!!!

 I was assured by In Stitches that the order has in fact been placed with Nancy Sturgeon of Threads through Time, and she is in the processing of printing out those charts for delivery.  Maybe by the end of September!!!!!!