Saturday, September 13, 2014

Amish Life-Visiting The Neighbors-Week Two

Greetings from Northern Virginia, where it's currently pouring!!!  I don't mind, because my hubbie won't insist on going to the boat, which means stitching time for me!!!!!

It's been a busy week, while I attempt to deep clean my youngest's bedroom (which he says he cleaned before he left for college), and the Jack and Jill bathroom that he and his sister share.  I even had to paint a wall, ya, it was that bad.  But now that I have had some time to get in there, I have decided that since the husband won't let me redo the whole bathroom, maybe I can update it a bit by switching out the light fixtures, and faucets, and the knobs on the cabinet.  Considering we will have to downside eventually, it's probably cheaper and a lot less work just to do some switch outs.

On another note, I made a trek to IN STITCHES, in Alexandria, Va. this week.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ladies and the store.  In Stitches, celebrated their 19th year of business, and rewarded their customers with 19% off pretty much everything in store.  I didn't even bother to look at charts, couldn't/wouldn't/didn't want to be tempted.  Headed straight for the fabric desk, although there was a small detour, to stock up on some hand dyed threads.  My hubby told me I could spend $200.00.  My total, with 7 pieces of linen, came to $200.91.  I bought the thread out of my own fun fund!  I won't have to make a trek there for awhile.  Well, at least until the Ann Rayner chart arrives!

Meanwhile, between the usual, of laundry, cleaning, letting the dogs in, letting the dogs out, feeding the dogs, feeding the cat, I still managed to do some stitching.  Must say, it's coming along!

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  1. This looks so much more beautiful in "real time" than the picture from the magazine (which of course has faded over time). And I'm amazed at how quickly you are progressing. But then, you have more time for stitching than I do. I'm assuming you are stitching the 3 pictures separately as the magazine shows. Wouldn't they look great framed in an old 3-pane window? Not sure if that's your style, but I think it would look wonderful.