Friday, September 26, 2014

Amish Life - Visiting the Neighbors - Week 4

I'm rounding the bend, I'm heading for the home front!  Well, maybe it's just my wishful thinking, but I'm seriously hoping by next week, I will have completed this one portion  of the three part series, and I can move on to something else!  Like the true cross stitch addict that I am, I already know what I'm doing next!  Sorry no hints!

If you don't like to back stitch or do french knots, this is definitely not the chart to put on your list. Even though I have been outlining as I go, it's ALOT!

I bought more stash this week.  Bad, bad girl!!!!But I couldn't resist.  One of the ladies in the stitching group that passed away, the other ladies are helping her husband liquidate her stash.  And she had some stash!  Talk about stitcher's heaven!  Charts, fabrics, threads.  I ended up buying some fabric on my first visit, and on my second visit, Sampler Threads.  For 1.50 a skein, I just couldn't help myself!!!  Thankfully, I am organized enough that I have my threads list on my I-phone, so I only picked out ones, that I didn't have.  Don't know if I will ever even use them, but they are so pretty, I may just frame them!

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