Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time and Season update 6

Well, I am finally back to feeling 100% and making up for lost time.  I haven't had much time to stitch, because I am now making up for the things that needed to be done with my house.  It doesn't look like an episode from the Hoarders yet, but it was getting there!  I finally managed to finish my basement.  YIPPEE!  Crazy me, I already bought paint for my next project.  Last Sunday, my husband helped me hang pictures back up, and move furniture back into place.  I still have some tidying up to do, but I walk down the stairs and it looks so completely, ah......nice.  I bought some slip covers for the two recliner wing style chairs,that we inherited from my father in law and they look pretty good, and a lot less expensive the purchasing new chairs or having them recovered.  We have also  donated a bunch of stuff to Goodwill and made at least one trip to the dump, trying to downsize and organize. It won't be long, before we are empty-nesters.  My daughter will be a sophomore in college this year, and my youngest will be a senior in high school.  I also managed to work on the front beds in front of my house, that were looking preeeety bad! 

But, there is always a bit of time to stitch, even if it's while doing laundry or an hour before going to bed.  So, this is where I am at.......

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time and Season - Moira Blackburn

Well, I am happy to announce that this is the first day in weeks that I have finally felt totally well.  My first urge was to try to run around and start doing everything that I have let slide for the last month. to keep telling myself, slowly and one day at a time. 

All three of my children were together this weekend.  It was for such a brief time, as the two youngest ones, have jobs now, and were running off to work. But even though it was so short, I can tell you having them together, even briefly, makes me happy!   My oldest, spent the night, and took his cat back home with him.  He will have him for about 3 weeks, and then Roo returns to us. We will have Roo on and off over the next year, as my son is doing "work ups" which will eventually lead up to a 6 month deployment.

Daughter is doing great.  Taking some classes at the local community college over the summer, and will start serving at one of the restaurants.  Youngest, is starting to prepare a list of colleges he might like to visit over the summer.  Hard to believe he will be a senior in high school come the fall.

Meanwhile, I have been stitching away, and so very proud that I am already at the halfway point.  I discovered that going back to stitching on Aida, makes the project go quicker.  As soon as this is finished, I will return to other projects, but want to get this finished, framed and into the hands of the chairwoman of the Silent Auction.  (Afraid, I might be tempted to keep it!)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time and Season - Moira Blackburn progess

Well, I am finally feeling about 98% back to normal.  Guess 10 days on heavy duty antibiotics have finally done the trick in getting rid of my sinus infection.  Yesterday, I tried to run some errands, as I haven't been out of the house for weeks.  Guess I over did it, and paid for it today.  About 2:00 p.m., after doing several loads of laundry, I hit the wall and had to take a nap.  Feel somewhat better now, but I just have to take it slowly.

In the meantime, I have been working on the Time and Season Sampler by Moira Blackburn.  I figured out today, I am approximately almost 1/4 done.  There are two large copies of the chart, folded in fourths, and I have the top part of one page completed.  Going rather quickly.  Thankfully I finally got the bunny done.  I had to rip it out twice, but third time is the charm!  Come to find out, I was one row off on the star above the bunny, and thus the bunny was off too.  Hate having to redo, but at least I figured it out.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moira Blackburn - Time and Season

Feeling a bit more human today!  Maybe 10% better than I have been feeling.  I did manage to do several loads of laundry, and my hubbie felt sorry enough for me, that he picked up the kitchen for me.  He even made a list, of things the kids had to do, which basically consisted of touring the first floor and pick up and put away those things that belonged to them.  I spent the day, watching the remaining episodes of North & South Book II on Encore.  It was really Love and War, and also the 3 episodes of Book III which was Heaven and Hell.  I read these books one summer, even watched the mini series when it was on.  Couldn't for the life of me, recall that they killed Orrie Main off in the first part of Book III, and also Constance Hazard, so that Madeline and George could end up together.   Don't recall that at all.  There were a few actors/actresses that remained the same character throughout the whole mini series, but there were several main characters that the actor/actresses were different from the 1st, to the 2nd to the 3rd.  Regardless, I enjoyed re-watching it, just as I enjoyed watching Thornbirds a few months ago.  Maybe I will be really lucky and they will put Woman of Substance on as well. 

My thoughts were with the families in Oklahoma.  It is devastating to watch the destruction caused by these natural disasters,  especially given, that they were so hard hit a few days ago.  I thank my lucky stars, that my oldest son, still owns a house there, but is currently stationed here on the East Coast. 

In the meantime, I tolled away at the Moira Blackburn Time and Season Sampler.