Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time and Season update 6

Well, I am finally back to feeling 100% and making up for lost time.  I haven't had much time to stitch, because I am now making up for the things that needed to be done with my house.  It doesn't look like an episode from the Hoarders yet, but it was getting there!  I finally managed to finish my basement.  YIPPEE!  Crazy me, I already bought paint for my next project.  Last Sunday, my husband helped me hang pictures back up, and move furniture back into place.  I still have some tidying up to do, but I walk down the stairs and it looks so completely, ah......nice.  I bought some slip covers for the two recliner wing style chairs,that we inherited from my father in law and they look pretty good, and a lot less expensive the purchasing new chairs or having them recovered.  We have also  donated a bunch of stuff to Goodwill and made at least one trip to the dump, trying to downsize and organize. It won't be long, before we are empty-nesters.  My daughter will be a sophomore in college this year, and my youngest will be a senior in high school.  I also managed to work on the front beds in front of my house, that were looking preeeety bad! 

But, there is always a bit of time to stitch, even if it's while doing laundry or an hour before going to bed.  So, this is where I am at.......

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