Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Time and Seasin

Well I have been working away on this sampler trying to get it finished.  I made a slight booboo on the tree on the left side. I was one row off with two stitches, so instead of the treetop being two rows down from the rows above it, it's three.  Too much of the tree done for me to be willing to rip it out and fix it.  I keep looking at this, and realizing at some point I want to do this sampler again for me. But think I'll switch it up a bit.  I like the Aida it's done on, and may finish it on Aida again.  Depends when I make a trek to "In Stitches." But...decided when I sew one for myself that I am going to use hand dyed thread.  I love the variation that the hand dyed threads give you.  Plus I am hoping that maybe with slightly different fabric and different thread and of course a break of several projects in between that it will be like doing it the first time (again) 

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