Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Favorite cross stitch tools

I am always in search of the best things to use when I cross stitch, whatever it may be.  Today, I decided to show you my all time favorite snips/scissors to use when I cross stitch.  These two pairs are never farther than arms reach, on my floor stand.  The purple pair, Stork/Pelican I purchased at "In Stitches."  I liked them so much, that I purchased another pair and sent them to my sister in Illinois.  They come in really handy when you have to rip out some long row of stitches because you made a major booboo.  That long beak comes in handy in getting under the top stitch, and snipping.  The other pair, I purchased at Michael's.  They were sorta pricey, but I think they were on clearance.  They are super sharp. 
Secondly, I found these wonderful needles in JoAnn's!  They are called self threading needles, and come with a magnet.  I don't stitch with these needles, but they come in super duper handy when you have a pesky tail, either starting or finishing, that you didn't quite get buried under the stitches.  You can slide the needle under previous stitches, and then yank the thread at the end part of the needle, til it catches, and then pull the thread under the stitches.  A lot easier than trying to get that little piece of thread through the eye of a cross stitch needle.  Plus the magnet comes in really handy for holding all the random needles. 


  1. I've often thought about trying those self-threading needles, but wasn't sure they would be good for sewing. Your idea of using them to more easily secure a tail is a great one! I will definitely give them a try now - so thanks!

    1. The self threading needles are too sharp for regular cross stitching, I think. Most cross stitch needles have a blunt tip. But they sure do come in handy sliding the needle under the previous stitches because they are sharp, then pulling those tails through the self threading part to bury. My sister ran out and bought her some too, guess I'm not the only one that misses the tails once in awhile.