Sunday, July 21, 2013

Time and Season Finish!!!!

Sometimes you just don't know what is waiting around the bend.  On Tuesday, the 9th, after coming home from dinner with a an high school classmate and his wife, who were in DC, I started receiving messages from some of my ex-husband's family.  They were trying to get ahold of my oldest son.  My son, who is in the Navy, had left on Monday, to go out to sea, for a short period of time.  The message sounded important enough, that I actually called my ex brother in law after 12:00 a.m..  Calls that are made at that time, are never good news.  My ex husband had passed away, sometime Sun., and it wasn't discovered until Mon.  I managed, to get a message to my son, and he called me within a half an hour.  I had to break the news to him, that his father has passed away.  My son was flown off the ship the next day, and I drove from Manassas to Norfolk, to make the trip with him to Daytona Beach.  We came home last Thur.  We spent the rest of the time, making funeral arrangements, trying to figure out his father's financial affairs, and cleaning out the family home of my ex husband's personal possessions.  It was a tough week for my son, and I am so proud of him!  He gave the eulogy at his father's service, and it was full of dignity, grace, humor and kindness.  I bawled through the whole speech.  Even at my age, it was a learning experience.  Life is short and fragile.  I came home and have plans to look at my house through new eyes.  If something happens to me and my husband, I don't want my kids trying to figure out what is important, and not.  We are going to update our wills, write out our burial wishes, make sure all our financial paper work is in order and let our kids know where exactly all these things can be found.  Password, credit card #'s, memberships, anything that might need to be cancelled.  I know my son was grieving, and he was overwhelmed.  I don't want my three kids to be in that position, when my time comes.  Hopefully not for a long time!  But, I also learned how important it was to tell my loved ones every day, and sometimes several times a day, how much I love them.

Needless to say, there was no time to cross stitch, and I took WIP with me to Daytona.  But, I am home now, and catching up on all the laundry that had accumulated in the week I was gone.  I was able to put the final touches on Time and Season.

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