Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moira Blackburn - Time and Season

Feeling a bit more human today!  Maybe 10% better than I have been feeling.  I did manage to do several loads of laundry, and my hubbie felt sorry enough for me, that he picked up the kitchen for me.  He even made a list, of things the kids had to do, which basically consisted of touring the first floor and pick up and put away those things that belonged to them.  I spent the day, watching the remaining episodes of North & South Book II on Encore.  It was really Love and War, and also the 3 episodes of Book III which was Heaven and Hell.  I read these books one summer, even watched the mini series when it was on.  Couldn't for the life of me, recall that they killed Orrie Main off in the first part of Book III, and also Constance Hazard, so that Madeline and George could end up together.   Don't recall that at all.  There were a few actors/actresses that remained the same character throughout the whole mini series, but there were several main characters that the actor/actresses were different from the 1st, to the 2nd to the 3rd.  Regardless, I enjoyed re-watching it, just as I enjoyed watching Thornbirds a few months ago.  Maybe I will be really lucky and they will put Woman of Substance on as well. 

My thoughts were with the families in Oklahoma.  It is devastating to watch the destruction caused by these natural disasters,  especially given, that they were so hard hit a few days ago.  I thank my lucky stars, that my oldest son, still owns a house there, but is currently stationed here on the East Coast. 

In the meantime, I tolled away at the Moira Blackburn Time and Season Sampler.

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