Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time and Season - Moira Blackburn

Well, I am happy to announce that this is the first day in weeks that I have finally felt totally well.  My first urge was to try to run around and start doing everything that I have let slide for the last month. to keep telling myself, slowly and one day at a time. 

All three of my children were together this weekend.  It was for such a brief time, as the two youngest ones, have jobs now, and were running off to work. But even though it was so short, I can tell you having them together, even briefly, makes me happy!   My oldest, spent the night, and took his cat back home with him.  He will have him for about 3 weeks, and then Roo returns to us. We will have Roo on and off over the next year, as my son is doing "work ups" which will eventually lead up to a 6 month deployment.

Daughter is doing great.  Taking some classes at the local community college over the summer, and will start serving at one of the restaurants.  Youngest, is starting to prepare a list of colleges he might like to visit over the summer.  Hard to believe he will be a senior in high school come the fall.

Meanwhile, I have been stitching away, and so very proud that I am already at the halfway point.  I discovered that going back to stitching on Aida, makes the project go quicker.  As soon as this is finished, I will return to other projects, but want to get this finished, framed and into the hands of the chairwoman of the Silent Auction.  (Afraid, I might be tempted to keep it!)

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