Monday, June 15, 2015

Isabella Gray 1838 -week 2

A little late in posting to my blog this week.  It's because I spent 4 1/2 hours in the car making the trek from Manassas to Southern Shores, NC on Sunday.  By Sunday evening I was exhausted and in bed before 11 pm.  

On top of that, the home we rent for the week is awesome.  Has a pool, 2 blocks from the beach.  Close to shopping.  But cell phone service and Internet is not the greatest.  Although cell coverage has improved slightly from last year since they erected a cell phone tower within view of the house.  But it's the weirdest cell phone tower I've ever seen.  Looks like a humongous flag pole.  

Back to Isabella.  Not quite sure what pages in the chart I'm in, since I left her home in Manassas.  She's getting a vacation too.  I did manage to finish all the small letters, and have started on the large.  First row of large letters is all Algerion Eye stitches. The second row of large letters are Satin stitches.  Nice when you get to mix it up a bit. This is a. Picture of where I left off.

This is a picture earlier in the week before I was able to move my scroll rods a bit.

During this week I managed to make a trip to In Stitches in Alexandria, Va.  Was waited on by the lively Patricia Eaton. Of course I couldn't leave empty handed.

In the meantime I have been working on  Ann Pegg by Scarlet House.  Using 36 ct. Lakeside Linen 36 ct. Vintage Maritime White.  Gentle Arts threads.

Sorry for the shadow but the lighting is bad too.  Thankful for my travel Ott light.

I was pleased to be contacted by someone who works for Attic Needleworks in Mesa, Az, requesting permission to use my picture of Rhoda Hastings  sampler in one of their upcoming newsletters.  Attic Needleworks has such a renewed interest in the Rhoda Hastings sampler, that they contacted Rebecca Dorrie and requested she print more copies.  Ms. Dorrie is reproducing 18 additional charts as she only has enough of the needlepoint yarn for 18 more charts. 

Whew this has been a long entry!  When I'm not stitching I will be here with my iPod and a romance novel.  No need to worry bout sharks here!

Until next week Happy Stitching! 


  1. Sounds like you're enjoying your vacation!! That is soooo neat about your Rhoda photo being chosen for the newsletter. (also glad to hear about the "no sharks" status at your beach). Hope you continue to have a wonderful, restful time.

    1. I'm honored to be asked about Rhoda! She's a real beauty! The women that contacted me said my picture of the completed sampler was so much better than the picture on the actual chart. Today I s another beautiful day here. A real scorcher. Got a little red yesterday, so I'll be more careful today using sun screen and monitoring the time I'm out there. Having had sun poisoning once in my life I don't want a repeat performance.