Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Skyros Island Schooner Sampler - Week 6

The fill in continues on this sampler.  

Still on pages 5-8.  Please note the sailor next to the green and red flag! I have already ripped him out once. Rest itched him, and realized that he's still not in the correct spot. Frustrated I have "stuck a pin in it" to rework at another time.  So frustrating, but they do say the third time is the charm.

I noticed while stitching this, that all the sailors only have one eye.  My warped sense of humor says, the ship was manned by a bunch of cyclops.

Many of the stitchers that are stitching this in the SAL, are adding specialty stitches. Cudo to them!  Since this is for my youngest son, adding anything to it other than the way it's charted, he wouldn't even notice.

Plus I just want it done so I can move on to something I want to stitch.

Some some beautiful samplers by Essamplaire over the weekend.  I have never stitched anything by this company. But my sister has. When visiting the site, only some of the samplers can you purchase chart only. All others are available in kit form of either silk, or DMC only. Kits always make me nervous that I'm not going to have enough threads.

My sister said the kit she purchased had hunks of DMC, and the chart only had DMC color names, and did not show the actual DMC number. Perhaps that has changed? 

My sister says that's why she likes to stitch Scarlet Letter kits, because enclosed are whole skeins of DMC to stitch the project.  Even with her comments I am tempted to put at least one of the samplers on my wish list.

We are still on the hunt for furnishings for my daughter's apartment in Charlottesville. My hubby is going to look at bar stools today.  I called in a favor with one of my gal friends to see if her hubby can get us 4 wine crates to make her a coffee table.  It's only economically feasible if you don't have to pay for the crates, otherwise you're better shopping Craig's list or thrift stores.

I think we are also going to attempt to make her a padded headboard since she doesn't want a footboard.  When you're 5'9" you need all the room you can get!

Our house looks like a hoarder home, yet again with all the extra furniture.  Just think, we'll do it again in 2 years when the youngest graduates from college!

My kids don't know how good they have it, especially when I reminisce about my first apartment. I had to have a bucket in the living room every time it rained.  I had a dining room table, but no chairs, because I couldn't afford the chairs.  I had no bedroom furniture other than the bed.  My end tables were from going out of business, unfinished furniture auction.  Dressers were those cardboard box drawers you can buy.  My son's room was all furniture purchased at the unfinished furniture auction that I finished myself.  But there are days I look back and remember some of my happiest memories. And I take pride in the fact I was beholding to no one.  I didn't have everything I wanted but I had what I needed.

BTW, I finally managed to purchase 6 chairs for my dining table. First 4 chairs, were in a buy one get one free deal, which I finished.  Later I purchased 2 captain's chairs. I still have everything.  We use it in the basement for puzzles.

Well that's bout all for this week!  Happiest of stitching!


  1. Wow, you are really making some good progress!

    Regarding the Essamplaire, I just ordered a Catherine Rihl kit. I haven't received it yet though, so I can't tell you if there is enough thread. There wasn't a chart only option for this one, but I have a fear that a chart will retire and I won't be available in the future. I think I will start that one this summer, so if I run out of thread I can probably get some more that matches (hopefully). They have such great samplers. I love the Phebe Kriebel one, but the size scares me a bit.

    In some ways I think furnishing a place is easier today with the internet. I belong to a neighborhood forum and just yesterday someone was giving away a solid wood kitchen table with four matching chairs for free. It was a little dated, but I would have loved something like that for my first place. I had a futon that doubled as a bed/sofa and a couple of folding chairs for furniture.

    1. We have had great luck in finishing my son's townhouse and now my daughter's apartment via Craig's list. I think we calculated it will be $700 total, and the only new thing will be the mattress and box spring. She will be taking the 3 dressers and night stand from her bedroom at home. I had to laugh at my friend's husband who told me that when it came time to help furnish the oldest son's apartment, that he'll be more than happy to supply all the cardboard boxes and duct tape his son will need.

  2. Lovely piece!

    I too think of how kids have it now compared to how we did. It seems very different. I used to work with a lot of gals in their 20s who HAD to have huge homes, housekeepers, etc. They thought it was awful to have kids share rooms. Unreal.

    It's always a pleasure to visit your blog.


    1. I know! I recall being in a crib and sharing a room with my brother. My sister and I shared a room till I was in 6th grade. My mom who was one of 7 kids said not only did they share a room but there might be 3 girls in a full bed. I never had a maid or anything. A couple of times we hired one, but I ended up cleaning before they came, because I didn't want them to think I lived like a pig and I didn't think they did a good job anyways. My sister's boys shared a room for many years. I don't get where these millennials think their kids don't/can't share a room. But than I don't get how some of them think anyways. I had to laugh when my daughter said she didn't want her apartment to be overcrowded. My reply was "are you kidding me? I've seen how you keep both of your bedrooms!"

  3. Your progress looks good, Pam. Hmmm, unless the sailor is going to throw everything off a good bit, I probably would leave him be. Just my opinion! Good luck on the hunt for bar stools. Have you tried looking at unfinished furniture places?

    1. We found 2 really nice bar stools. Today we drove to Arlington to pick up end tables, and tomorrow I get the wine crates. We as parents are officially done (I think). Although she told me today that one of her roommates let someone borrow the vacuum cleaner (which was a new Bissell upright), and whoever borrowed it never brought it back, and of course, none of the 3 roommates is owning up to the lending of the vacuum. I was always taught, don't borrow anything, and don't let anyone borrow from you. Especially you don't let someone borrow something that's not even yours to begin with.