Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ann Wellington Sampler - Finish

Wow pretty darn proud of myself!  I just put the last stitches in!  Four weeks to a finish.  

Didn't even get tired of this!  But nonetheless, am happy it's done!

I will be starting Lucy Redd next. Especially since I now have the correct fabric for the next three samplers in my rotation. Not exactly sure when I'll start since I do have a few other projects that aren't cross stitch that I really do need to finish!

I got a care package from my sister this week.

Cross stitch charts and supplies.  She's trying to down size her stash too. I have already figured out which ones I want to add to my stash.  The remaining stuff, I'll have to find good homes for.  

I have to share a picture of my youngest. I know when he comes down from up stairs wearing this shirt that he has truly run out of clothes to wear.

I bought both sons one of these shirts and now it's a big joke to each of them to try to pawn their shirt off on the other.  Guess the youngest lucked out this time or he'd be going shirtless.

Things very quiet here.  Hubby in Daytona to see the race.  My daughter is working, my youngest is on the couch in the horizontal position watching soccer. My oldest decided to stay in Norfolk, to avoid the holiday traffic coming and going to our area.  So it's mostly me and my mom watching NCIS reruns. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July.  Until next week happy stitching!


  1. Pam, congratulations on your finish. Ann is stunning. What a good lot of stash your sister passed your way! Have a wonderful 4th!

    1. I know! I already picked through the pile and decided which ones I want to keep. Seriously considering putting the rest on eBay and see what happens. Who knows maybe I'll make enough to buy a chart, fabric or some thread. Sold Ann today to someone who contacted me through FB. My sister sent me several Scarlet Letter ones that she stitched, but I know I will never do.

  2. Well done on your finish :) Hope you had a good 4th of July!!

  3. The "Ann Wellington Sampler" is beautiful. I had decided on making some Prarie Schooler Santas for the next couple of months but seeing so beautiful samplers I'm hesitating!!! I do have a commission from my husband to compilais: Owls from "Le Bonheur des Dames" in Paris! Hum! so many projects, so little time! ;-)

    1. So true! Especially when I continue to add more to my stash faster than finishing projects!