Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mount Vernon - Take along project

I always take a small cross stitch project with me, when I have a long ride in the car, maybe spending time on the boat, have to wait in an office.  Keeps me busy, and I don't realize that time is flying by.  I don't recall how exactly long I have been working on this particular chart, but even though it's not all that large, it took me awhile.  Especially since I only picked it up to work on it, when in the above situations.   But...I was bound and determined to finally complete this little memento of some of my traveling, or places I have visited. I have several more smaller projects that I picked up along the way, one very similar to this one of Woodlawn Plantation, which is where the embroidery exhibit is held each year in this area.  My kids purchased one of the outer banks, and I think I have a chart someplace for the last vacation in Ocean City, Md.  I only have a couple of these completed, and these are the few that I actually frame myself. Nice reminders when I am using my sewing machine, of the places and memories I have from the locations.

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