Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rosewood Manor - American Quilt Sampler - Update 12

Whoosh!   Made it through Thanksgiving.  It was wonderful having my family here, and both of my younger two children.  Hopefully, the oldest will be able to spend some time with us at Christmas.  I have been really working away on this sampler.  Especially now that the remodeling is done, the cooking and cleaning has been completed.  And....most of my Christmas shopping is done too.   For once, I'm way ahead, not sure how that happened.  Course there is still mailing to do, and wrapping, and decorating.  Although, the tree is in the family room, just not decorated. super sure it will be done before Christmas.

Anyways,  it is getting towards the end of this particular sampler.  I took these pictures last week, and just haven't gotten around to updating my blog.  I can tell you that more progress has been completed, and I'm thinking by sometime tomorrow, that this will be a completed sampler.  I can hope!  PS.   Don't know why these appear upside down, because they are not saved on the computer this way, but I'm sure you get the jest.

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