Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well, I finally got to start stitching on this particular sampler.  Got to admit the letter A was a real doozey.  I am not sure that I worked on 36 ct. linen before, but I can tell you thank god I didn't purchase the 40 ct. as called for in the pattern.  I would have been blind!  In fact most of the letter A was worked using the super duper little round magnifier part of my stitching magnifier.  I didn't have as much difficulty when I went to a darker thread.  I don't know if by then I was used to the count, or that the lighter color thread was also thinner.  The colors are terrific.  However I can tell you that these pictures do not do justice to the color of the linen which is more on the brown side then is reflected in these pictures.  Somehow when I purchased the thread, I missed the color Tin Bucket.  Although they give you the DMC equivalent it seems to me that the DMC color is more blue and the Gentle Arts Thread is more on the grey side, from what I can see from a on line picture.  WHAT TO DO?  Do I go all the way back to Alexandria for the one skein of thread?  Or improvise using the DMC?  The problem is if I go to IN STITCHES, I can't seem to walk out of there with the one thing that I went there for.  I always see another pattern that I just can't seem to not have.  Or some sort of stitching necessity.

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