Friday, October 25, 2013

Rosewood Manor - American Quilt Sampler Update 8

Alas I haven't had much time to cross stitch as we are still in the thick of bathroom renovation.  It looks like it will be completed by this weekend.  Everything that I could do for the renovation has been done.  As of this writing, I am making the faux Roman Shades for the bathroom windows.  I will be glad when those are done, because that type of sewing is not my favorite.  I can do it, but I would much rather being doing something else! 

I am officially at the halfway mark for my piece. It is slow going, as there is so much detail, but at least I can jump around from place to place.  Otherwise, I would go crazy with all the Algerian Eye Stitches.  I wonder if it will be done by Christmas.  Although my family, from Florida arrives at Thanksgiving.  My brother and his wife will be visiting for 3 weeks, and my mom will stay till the end of January.  So, I'm not sure if'll I get alot of stitching time.

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