Sunday, August 31, 2014


Having put the last stitches in yesterday of Through the Years Gone, I immediately started on organizing for the next project.  This is NEXT!  I can't believe that I held onto these magazines from 1987.  But I just knew I had to do this scene one day, as a tribute to my time spent on my Grandparent's dairy farm in Michigan

Last night I managed to pull all the threads and put them in a project binder, and actually did a bit of stitching on it today.  I am starting with the middle picture.


  1. I'll be happy to follow your blog! Love your work in Sampler Lovers and this new challenge will be fun! I keep my old magazines too despite having the CD of the old issues :-)

  2. I have all the issues of this magazine and I just can't part with them. Someday! Anyway, I have seen this stitched up in person and it's absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your progress. :)