Sunday, December 28, 2014

I must have been a good girl!!!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannuka, Feliz Navidad, and a Wonderful Joyous New 2015 to all!!

The shopping is done, the meal was wonderful, and we have leftovers that are delicious.  I could live off of turkey sandwiches.  It's not all that often that I can have my children all together, so I savor those times.

My husband and my children were very good to me this year, and bought me my all time most favorite things to have.  Cross stitch supplies.  My sister, even pitched in, with all the DVD's of Antique Sampler magazines.   I will have a fun time looking through those!!!!!

Every stitcher I know is always trying to be more organized regarding their supplies, and I am no different.  I use the bag system for my threads, and have been happy with that.  Somehow, the little cardboard spools have never peaked my interest.  And what exactly do you do with that piece of thread that is still long enough to use somewhere.  Using the baggie system, I could just shove it back in the back, problem solved.  But, even though I keep my threads in numerical order for DMC, and alphabetical order for hand-dyed, I could never find a box large enough to hold the binders/rings. My thread always looked like a "hot mess!"

But my problem is now resolved, because I got this for Christmas!

I purchased blank 3"X 5" recipe cards, and have been inserting them in each of the bags, to give the baggies some additional stability.  This cabinet is actually for CD's, but it's perfect for my threads.  So happy with this addition!

My children and my hubby also bought me charts, fabric and threads.  I am a happy camper!


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    1. Thanks so much! It's actually a DVD/CD storage piece by a company called Leslie Dame. It's perfect for storing my DMC in, because I use the baggie system. I spent a better part of the week after Christmas, putting 3" X 5" index cards in the bags to give them extra support. I also bought guides that I could use my label maker. I have already done the Gentle Arts because I store them in alphabetical order. But, I ran out of the bags, and had to order more from 123 stitch. But it feels so great to be organized!!!!!