Thursday, May 9, 2013


I have finally managed to squeeze in a bit of stitching, in between waiting for paint to dry. No kidding! About a month ago, my husband decided he was going to paint our basement himself, when the estimates to have someone else do it were outrageous. After shoving all the furniture from one part of the basement, he managed to get the stairway done, and that's about it. I can't stand chaos, so I started painting it myself. Ceilings, moulding, doors, walls. Today, I finished one part of the "L" shaped room. Including cleaning the carpet. Tomorrow I'll be able to move the furniture back to that section, and I will only have ceiling, 3 walls, and the floor boards to do. There is a light at the end if the tunnel. Meanwhile, my daughter comes home from college and decides she's tired of her blue room, she wants to change it, and by golly she's gonna do it herself. Except she's never painted a room before. Many a trips of 2 flights of stairs I have made, to calm her down. Who knew painting would be so difficult? She was in tears the first night, because the pink ceiling paint wasn't as even as she thought it should be. I had to explain to her that until it's fully dry, it will even out. She pulled tape off which pulled paint off, another catastrophe! The blue is still showing through. Showed her how to fix that. She wasn't as carefully and ended up getting green paint on the woodwork. So tonight while she was at work, I taped up the moulding and put a little refresher coat on the woodwork. So as I said before, I managed to start on my Rosewood Manor American quilt sampler, between coats of paint. Ann Hill sampler is taking a rest, while I can work myself back into tackling so many Algerian stitches.


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  1. Painting is never fun! Great progress on your stitching - it'll be beautiful when done.