Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cross stitch detox

I am very sorry to say that I have had very little time to cross stitch this week, and am beginning to suffer cross stitch withdrawal!  It has been just a very busy, hectic week!  Hopefully next week will be better!  My daughter just completed her freshman year at JMU.  My hubbie and I went to Harrisonberg, Va. For Wed. and  Thursday to help her with the pack out of her dorm room.  How one girl can accumulate so much, I will never know.  We completely filled the bed of the truck up, as well as the back seat.  We had to ride home three across the front seat for the hour and 45 minute drive home. Then unpack everything.

Then as soon as we got home, I had to make three cakes for dessert for the soccer team for my son's high school.  Didn't plan that very well, that I volunteered to provide the dessert plus help serve the team meal, the very next day after the pack out of my daughter's dorm room.

In addition, I'm still trying to paint the basement, which now seems like the never ending project.  I ran out of white semi-gloss.  Plus, I couldn't finish the moulding on two walls, as my husband wanted to try to bury the cable lines under the moulding before I painted them. I decide I must run a few errands to include taking my daughter to get new work pants and shoes, get a new ankle brace for the son, and a visit to Home Depot for not only white semi-gloss, but my daughter has decided  she is sick of her blue room, and wants to paint it green. I finally return home to discover that my husband had no luck burying the cable under the moulding and has decided just to rip it off the walls and replace it.  Great!  Of course, he doesn't have moulding so that will require him to go to Home Depot get moulding, cut it to size, paint it and install it.  Bummed as if the moulding was there, I could have at least moved the furniture that goes on that end of the basement as opposed to where it is now, which is encroaching where I sit to stitch.  Don't get me wrong, my husband has some wonderful, great qualities, but he is the KING of procrastination.

I no sooner walk in the door and he tells me he wants to take the boat out for the first time this season.  I really want to say " but I just want to sit down and stitch all afternoon!"  But common sense kicks in, and I agree to go with him.  I will say once on the boat, it was a beautiful day on the Potomac River, and I could spend hours listening to my IPod and watching the wake of the water.  I did manage to get a few stitches in my take along Mt. Vernon project.

Is it bad that I am praying for rain and a less busy week?


  1. You have been busy but a day on the Potomac sounds lovely to me. I hope you get some stitchy time soon!