Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ann Hill Sampler

This is my start of one of my two new projects I am working on.  It is the Ann Hill sampler from Just Crosstitch reproduced by Cathy Livingston.  I am using 36 ct.. Dirty Linen Edinborough by Zweigart.  Also using DMC floss.  I haven't worked on it much, as I have been painting the basement, which seems like it is taking for ever.  All the ceilings, all the walls, doors, moulding.  Back to the sampler, if I had looked more carefully at the directions, instead of being drawn in by the picture and the colors, I might have waited a bit before starting this.  It's full of Algerian stitches. Just like the Cochrane sampler.  Ugg!  Plus between the two blue borders is free hand embroidery of flowers and vines.  I have put off tackling those, but know sooner or later I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and start those too.  On a bright note, I received the Time and Season kit from Moira Blackburn, which is the sampler I'm going to donate to the charity auction next year.


  1. Very pretty start and I love the fabric color! I love doing algerian eyes but not so sure about the free hand stitching. That would scare me!

  2. I don't actually mind the stitch so much, but there are a lot, especially having just finished the Cochrane sampler where the large alphabet and the lines between were all Algerian Stitch. My sister, lives in Illinois, and she is an avid cross stitcher too. (I actually taught her, but she has surpassed me in skill level, a long time ago.)She was trying to explain over the phone, how I figure out how to do the free style embroidery. I am just gonna have to put my big girl panties on, and be like Nike "and just do it!"