Sunday, April 21, 2013

Take along project -Mt. Vernon

Whenever I go on some sort of vacation, I always try to pick up a souvenir cross stitch.  I have several from Ocean City, Md, one from last year of the outer banks, and one from Williamsburg, Va. Several years ago when my family was visiting, I took them to Mt. Vernon.  They have a lovely gift shop and I picked up a small kit.  When going through my stash recently, I found it and started to work on it as my "take along" project.

My daughter was in a cheer competition in Richmond today, while we were waiting for the team to arrive, waiting for their turn to perform, and waiting for the competition results, I was stitching away. I love watching my kids do anything, I just hate the waiting part.  Now at least I don't mind so much, because at least I'm not thinking "I could be home cross stitching!"  When we had to go to the DMV to replace my son's lost drivers license, I took it with me then too.  Waiting just doesn't seem so long or so bad, when I'm stitching away,


  1. I agree 100%, Pam! I always try to have something with me. I love punch needle as a take along craft, too. BTW, my folks are still in VA. South of Richmond in Colonial Heights. I went to college in Richmond and try to get back every chance I get!

  2. We were in Richmond, last weekend. My daughter, is on the cheer club competition team for JMU, and they performed at the convention center there. She also was accepted to VCU, but when she got the notice from JMU that she was in VCU, and Old Dominion went by the wayside.