Saturday, April 13, 2013

Found Money

This week I was cleaning out my purse, wallet and card holder book.  In doing so, I found a MasterCard gift card that my oldest had given me for Christmas.  I had completely forgotten that I had it.  I checked the balance and it still had $52.00 on it.  I promptly went on line to the Scarlet Letter website and ordered the AW 1662 band sampler chart and also the Margaret Gatis chart.    Gotta say I love found money!


  1. That certainly made for a great day I am sure! :D


  2. Marie, yes it did! I also won $130.00 when I played the slot machine at a casino in Md. Sat down at the first machine, pulled the lever once and won $130.00. Cashed out immediately, and spent that money on cross stitch too!