Friday, April 12, 2013

1795 Cochrane Sampler

Just when you think you are making great progress on a piece, you realize that you made a big ole fat booboo! This is the sampler that I am winging the middle portion, because the designer neglected to designate colors for the capital letters.  The only direction is that they are to be completed with Algerian Stitch.  So I decided I would alternate colors very much like the daughter's sampler was done.  I get to the third row and realize the each row of letters on the left side all start with the same color.  Back to my magnifying glass and the blurry  picture on the pattern of the original sampler.  UGG! While it appears the colors alternate across the row, each new line is started with the opposite color.  GREAT.  I pull out my handy dandy crane  looking scissors, sturdy straight pin, and painters tape to pick up all the threads I'm going to have to cut out, pull out, and defuzz from the piece.  Disgusted with myself!  But at least it's only one row.  I am now in the process of resewing the second row.  Better yet, I have finally gotten far enough along that I can at least stitch some of the motifs on the bottom.  Progress!!!!!

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