Monday, April 14, 2014

Season and Time - Moira Blackburn

The Silent Auction was held this weekend for the Good Shepard Housing in Alexandria, Va.  Unfortunately we were not able to attend!  Our weekend was way too busy going back and forth to Richmond, Va., to watch the daughter participate in her very last cheer competition. Ever!  She has decided not to cheer next year at JMU, due to her work load in her very first year in nursing school. It was sort of happy/sad situation, happy that we won't have to be doing the travel to watch her, and sad to see this part of something that has been a big part of her life since 7th grade in middle school.

Back to the Silent Auction.  My sampler went for $450.00 which is the estimated value I placed on it. The framing was almost $200.00 and the kit was someplace around $75.00.  I didn't keep track of my time, but rounded the total cost up to what someone might pay for it.  My hubbie's ex boss said he stopped bidding when the price reached $300.00.  I am so glad it did so well, and I know the proceeds are going to a good cause and that is helping families with housing.

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