Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Several years back, I attempted to get myself a lot more organized on my cross stitch projects, when I almost accidently bought the same pattern twice.  (must have really liked it!)

Since then, I bought a binder and some dividers, and took a copy of the front page and materials page, inserted them into report covers and now I know what patterns I have.  On the patterns, I wrote additional information, like if I already had fabric, or needed special thread.  It has worked for me, as when I go my favorite cross stitch store, I know exactly what I need, by carrying my handy-dandy blue binder with me.

I have several sections, one for patterns I have, one for patterns I have finished, and then there is the "I WANT" section.  Here is where I store patterns that I might want to or would like to purchase in te future.  In addition, my kids or hubby can sneak a peak at something they might want to purchase for me for Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day. 

It has been awhile since I added to the "I WANT" category.  Mostly because I have tried not to go looking for anything new, since I already have so many patterns and fabrics in the "Have" section.
But...recently I found 3 charts that I just am going to have to add to my "I WANT" section.


And last but not least a Rosewood Manor.

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