Friday, June 27, 2014

Update Through the Years Gone & Alphabet Quilt Monogram

The last couple of weeks have flown right by.   Made it through graduation week, and beach week.  Now both kids are home, when not working, or spending time with their boyfriend or girlfriend.  I am already ramping up for our vacation to the Outer Banks.  What that basically entails, is to ensure the dogs are all up to date on shots so that they can be boarded.  Oh Yea!  3 separate visits to the vets and several hundreds of dollars later they are all current on shots!!!!  Money that even though I love the dogs, I kept thinking to myself, "oh the things I could buy at In Stitches with this money"

Still in the ugly hiking boots.  Looks like it's gonna be another month.  The price we pay for getting old, nothing heals as fast.  But....on the good side, it's a valid excuse to stay off the foot, and stitch.

I managed to finish Alphabet Quilt Monogram.  Posted it on some cross stitch pages on FB and there was a lot of interest in the chart.  This came as a kit.  I actually bought mine several years ago at the Woodlawn Plantation Embroidery Show.  I was able to contact Posy Hough the designer, and she was able to let me know where the kit is sold, so those interested could contact the Shelburne Museum and purchase the kit themselves.  I  changed mine from 18 ct. to 14 ct. Aida only because I wanted mine larger.  This will be a gift for my daughter.

With this finish, I went back to Jan Houtman's Through the Years Gone.   I am happy to report that I am finally to page 16 out of 26.  Slow going, but it's getting there.

As I am usually working on several projects at a time, and the Alphabet Quilt Monogram Sampler is finished, my next project is going to be a landscape.  Rarely do landscapes, or animals, or anything like that.  But....I have saved these magazines since 1987 hoping to do these someday.  Now would be the time.  It's a 3 section Amish Farm Scene.   I don't know why, but this so reminds me of my grandparents dairy farm in Michigan.   So many memories of time spent there with my relatives.


  1. I have admired that Amish pattern ever since I first saw it, but haven't stitched it. Something about it being split into 3 separate pieces makes it even more intriguing. I know what you mean about the pets . . . we only have 1 small dog. Just adding up her yearly check-up bills/shots, flea/tick treatments, plus all the treats & chews we think she "needs" & of course the pricier dog food we feed her 'cause the tv/internet says we should, it does cost a ton. In the same vein: This past summer we've put up 2 bird feeders & it has been a lot of fun to watch all the activity, but . . . every time I look out & see that the food is all gone (usually in 24 hrs.) & then see the same exact birds returning, giving me that "come on, lady, we're starvin' out here!" look, I now feel responsible for them, somehow . . . & now yesterday, a baby robin & a baby dove taking their first flying lessons have joined the group & I feel especially responsible, 'cause, you know, they're "babies" & because we first started feeding their parents, we are like their grandparents or something & how can we dare cut off the food supply for an entire family of doves & robins just to save a few bucks?????? OH . .THE . . . AGONY. Oh, & I like the monogram stitch, too!

    1. I have decided that when I start on the Amish farm scene, that I'm not going to do them back to back. But rather do one, do another project, come back to the second.....I don't normally do landscapes, so I figure that will be the best way to get them all done. I stopped feeding the birds. The squirrels here are terrible. I even bought bird feeders to attach to my windows, and the pesky varmints were actually using the window panes to get to the food. Oh, and in addition to the 3 dogs, I have temporary custody of my son's cat, while he's on deployment in the Navy. Petsmart loves me. I spend some big bucks in there every single month. Dog food, dog treats, dental bones, in addition to cat food and kitty litter. that I have that out of the way. My hubbie is going to be gone quite a bit next week, and I'm going to sneak to my favorite cross stitch store and buy some more stash!!!!!! And by the way, thanks for reading, commenting and following my blog.

    2. Your reply to my reply made me smile - thanks!

    3. Glad I could make your day!