Sunday, October 25, 2015

Antique Sampler - Week 3

Antique Sampler
BH & G Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazine
Mar/April 1992
28 ct. Lakeside Linen
Vintage Buttercream

Was so hoping that I would be finished today with this gem. And I call it that because it has really been fun to stitch. 

I have learned stitches that I hadn't done before.  Not that I couldn't do it without the aid of this book.

You can purchase on Amazon (used) for under $10 plus postage.  Worth every penny. Used this more than the "Proper Stitch" and know I paid a lot more for that!

You know how they say life is what happens when you're planning on something else?  Well that's what happened to my week!  In my mind I planned on finishing with this project. father in law had a terrible spill and ended up shattering his elbow.

He lives in the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and after being taken to the local hospital, they decided it was better to transfer him to a hospital with a trauma/shock unit and had orthopedic surgeons that had more experience with these types of injuries.

They transferred him to the University of Maryland Medical Center.  We drive up there yesterday and spent most of the day there.  They were trying to get my father in laws blood pressure down and also get a better X/ray of his elbow.  Neither of which happened on Saturday. We came home last night. Got up this morning and made the return trip up there. Did I mention that it's an hour and 45 minutes from our house?  And that's only one way.  

We felt we needed to come home and check on my mom.  I must say my mom's health at 94 is much better than my father in laws.  So I'm very lucky in that regard, well, and so is she.

There was a lot of just sitting and waiting.  I always go prepared!  Took a romance novel and my knitting.  Didn't get any knitting done on Saturday because just my luck, I somehow lost a knitting needle.

Grabbed another set of needles before we left.  So I did manage to complete a few rolls.

My father in law came through the surgery and has some extra hardware. I think they said 3 plates and 9 screws.
He may be released tomorrow, if so, my sister in law will take him back to his condo in an assisted living community.  If it's Tuesday, we are his ride.  

I'm just thankful that everything has turned out so well! It could have been worse.  But it will be a long recovery!  When we start adding years and mileage, we don't recover as quickly as we did in our younger days!

Downside is that we had to cancel our trip to Virginia Beach so I won't be able to see my oldest this week.  Maybe next week.

On a lighter note, my daughter was on ESPN on Saturday.  They were having college game day there.  She and one of her nursing classmates camped out all night and had a primo spot behind the announcers.  Every time they panned over the announcers with the crowd in the background, there she was!  She's the one in the Foster Grants or Ray Bans.

Well that's all for this post.  Happy Stitching!

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  1. Glad your FIL's surgery went well and hope for a full and complete healing! You are so close with your sampler.

    Robin in Virginia