Sunday, October 11, 2015

Antique Sampler - Week One

Antique Sampler
BH & G Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazine
Mar/April 1992
28 ct. Lakeside Linen
Vintage Buttercream

First whole week that I was able to work in this project.
Been trying to keep up on the border as  I go along so it's not so overwhelming. Glad to have finished the alphabet, since it was one thread over one.  I will be able to work on the middle section , although it's full of satin stitch. So is the part between the two red basting threads. Notice how I have skipped over that part.  Working up my intestinal fortitude.

My mom and I made a trip out to Needles in Haymarket this week.  I haven't been in the store for over 2 years.  They have some cross stitch and needlepoint, but their focus in mainly yarn.

I purchased some yarn to make a scarf for my niece.  I ran out of the yarn from the final blanket, and the yarn I picked is more girly colors.  I also picked up some yarn to knit my daughter an eternity scarf.  If you bought the yarn, you got the free pattern.  Not sure whether that was such a deal since the yarn was pretty pricey. But the sample in the store was pretty.

Can't really tell from the pic, but the dark yarn is a very pretty teal.

Still more pending projects I need to get back to!  Maybe this week!  I really hate things hanging over my head.

That's bout all for this week. Happy stitching!


  1. Lovely new yarns you picked up, Pam! Congratulations on getting the over one alphabet stitched! Your sampler is looking great.

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Thanks Robin! When I get down with us, am forwarding the magazine to my sister. She gave me a list of my charts that she has first dibs on.