Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hannah Lancaster - Week 7

Wow, if it hadn't been for my Blogluvin showing up in my mail, I might have completely forgotten to post this week.

Can't' believe it's been 7 weeks.  Well, that's not exactly true.  It feels like seven weeks of stitching, with no end in sight. 

Although when I went to copy more of the chart to work from, the bottom border is shown on it.  But there is a lot of stitching still to do.

This sampler has been deceiving, I thought I could whip it out like many of the prior samplers I've stitched. Not so much.  Lots of color changes.  Been trying to stitch everything in one thread color, before I get sick of that and move onto another color.  

I estimate it will be at least 2 weeks before Hannah comes off the scroll rods and another project begins.

Next project is the Skyros Island Schooner sampler.   Wouldn't have been the next one but I agreed to join in on a SAL. I might have to play catch up! 

I ordered another chart.  Dutch Beauty.  I have always been drawn to that chart, but didn't purchase it before because of all the browns and beiges. Recently I saw one in FB where the stitcher changed the colors. It was gorgeous!   

I did some research. It only takes 13 colors. I can pick 13 colors (I think). Found the chart on Stitch Bits and Bobs on sale.  Now just waiting for chart. 

Weather here in No. Va.  Has been something else. It snowed here Sun. And Mon.  Very cold too. But my husband got to use his snowblower. 

He says it's already paid for itself. Warmed up a bit late yesterday, only to freeze everything over.  We'll be sticking close to home.

Well that's bout all for this week, til next week...happy stitching!


  1. Cold and snowy equals good stitching time! I think you are making grand progress on your sampler. We had snow late Sunday night into Monday afternoon with sleet, freezing rain, and rain tossed in for good measure.

    1. I know! Our driveway and subdivision looked like a skating rink!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your color choices for "Dutch Beauty"!

    1. Just checked on my order since I hadn't received it. They are awaiting more charts. Will keep you updated once I get the chart and take a look at it to make my color choices.