Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hannah Lancaster - Week 9

Well I'm almost finished.  So happy my border lined up perfectly!  

Still a lot of stitching to do, but I think I'll be done before next Sunday.  So thankful because my wrists need a break!  Think I'm going to take a week off from stitching once this is complete.

Maybe do a little house cleaning, some baking, sew some doll clothes.  Get back to the tread mill which I have neglected.

My husband took my mom and I to see Lord of the Dance:Dangerous Games.  It was wonderful, although very much the same theme as the other shows.  Good vs. Evil.  Although the background reminded me of a cross between the video game Spyro and the movie Transformers.  Still it was wonderful to actually see Michael Flatley join the cast for the finale and encore! All the other live performance I've attended, it was just the traveling casts.

I was rooting around in my storage room and found these two pieces, that I stitched almost 35 years ago.  These were in my oldest son's nursery.  Crewel used to be what I stitched before I transferred to cross stitch.

A little wrinkled and stained, but I bet they'd clean up pretty well.  I don't know why I saved them. Probably hoping that eventually he'd marry and start reproducing. But that doesn't seem to be anywhere on the radar!

My pal Cathy has been in quite the search for fabric to make a valance for her kitchen window. Her family room is attached to her kitchen. Since I know what fabric she has hanging in there, I invited her over to look at the coordinating Waverly fabric I have that I held onto.  She's pretty giddy.  Someone might as well use it! 

I also found a large container full of various colors of felt.  I know now, I'm never going to make that Christmas Tree Skirt, and all my kids are well past the felt art project stage. I'll try to find somewhere to donate it.

Found some brand new sweat shirts that I put in the Goodwill box, that I bought when I was doing waste canvas stitching phase. 

Well that's bout it for this week.  Happy Stitching!


  1. Know you are thrilled and relieved that your border lined up! Super progress, Pam! Hope you have a great week!